Zen Cart: How to Configure Product Listing

In this article, you’ll learn how you can configure Product Listing in Zen Cart.

Zen Cart allows you to configure the ways for how the products and description will be shown in your shop. You can choose the fields that will be displayed on the product listing page by moving to Configuration -> Product Listing. Many of the options on this screen controls the fields that appear in the products listing. You can set any element’s value to 0, in case you don’t want an element value to appear. If the element’s value is non-zero it means that element will be show according to the sort order.

There is another setting on this page Display Product Listing Default Sort Order. This option will be ignored if a value is 0 and the rest will be assigned in incrementing ID based on the sort order. I think you didn’t understand so let me explain in detail. If you set Display Product/Price/Add to Cart setting to 3 and Display Product Name to 1 and other settings to 0, then element with 1 will be display first and Display Product Price/Add to Cart will get ID 2 not 3.

Another parameter for Display Product Listing Default Sort Order is the letter. ‘a‘ is used for ascending, ‘d‘ for descending and ‘2d‘ is used to sort product field in descending order.

On this page you can also set or unset product images, name, price, weight, module, manufacturer, quantity box etc.

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