YouTube Advertising 101 For Small Businesses

YouTube Advertising 101 For Small Businesses

Every month, YouTube has about a billion unique visitors.  While you likely will not have all of these people seeing your videos, some very well could.  This goes to prove how hot video marketing is at the moment.  When you are advertising, videos are a quick way to get your brand out there.

Building Brand Awareness

You know that about a billion people head to YouTube each month so this platform gives you the opportunity to reach people all over the globe.  You have the opportunity to both build and retain brand awareness.  You will also be able to target your audience.  Having a large audience is a good thing but it is important to narrow down your target.  Think about what you need YouTube to do for you.  For example, are you a new business trying to create a web presence or are you an established business simply trying to retain your market presence?  You may also want to just expand your brand into new territory.

Engaging Your Audience

Video in and of itself is engaging.  This allows you to strengthen your relationship with your target demographic.  Creating videos allows you to convey your message far better than simple text.  When you are creating videos to engage the audience, there are some questions you need to ask yourself.  These include:

  • Should you have advertisements within your video?
  • Do you want to create a viral impact?
  • Are you seeking a call to action?

You must answer these questions to ensure you are properly advertising your brand and company goals and values.

Managing Your Reputation

Your reputation is everything when it comes to business.  The goal is to never let it take a hit, but sometimes this does happen.  When you are creating your YouTube channel, are you creating it to build a reputation or to repair one?  Depending on which of these boats you are in, the strategy will be very different.  If you are just starting out, you want videos that will portray who you are and what you do.  If you are repairing a reputation, you need to be very careful with promotion because your goal should be to reestablish trust among your customers.

Regardless of your intention, videos should mostly focus on letting people get to know your brand.  While you can show off new products and talk about exciting news within your business, you want the majority of your videos to offer viewers answers to problems.  For example, if your business is gardening, create some videos that help them solve common gardening dilemmas.  Things like showing them how to properly prune a tree or trim a rosebush helps them and will have them coming back to check out other videos.

Launching Products

With so many people viewing YouTube, those who want what you are selling are on the site.  This is why using ads on YouTube is a powerful advertising tool.  When you are doing a product launch create a video and ads so that your new product gets maximum exposure. You can also get more followers by buying views to help get others interested in your video. When users see that a video has followers, many of them want to check it out.

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