10 Amazing WordPress Proxy Plugins

In computer terminology, a proxy server or proxy is a computer system or application or server that works as an first layer for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. For example, A client computer or user makes a connection to the proxy server, requesting some service from a different server and then the proxy server executes the client’s request as way to simplify and control its complexity.

You can use proxies for multiple purposes such as: to save bandwidth, to prevent downloading the same content multiple times, to bypass website restrictions at work, to scan outbound content, to scan transmitted content for malware before deliver, to audit usage, to speed up access to resources using cache and much more… We divide proxies in four terms, for example, performance enhancing proxies, reserve proxies, open proxies and forward proxies. WordPress developers have also developed some proxy plugins and the following are the list of best and amazing WordPress proxy plugins.

Uploads by Proxy

Uploads by Proxy is a very good plugin for those who work on sites in a local development environment before shifting changes to a production server. Major features of this plugin is that, it gives you the ability to skip downloading the contents of wp-content/uploads to your local WordPress install. So the missing images loads from the production server as needed.

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RePress allows you to uncensored any website on the net from your WordPress site. Any WordPress website having this plugin will start working a a proxy for the censored websites.

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Real IP 4 Comments

Real IP 4 Comments plugin has the ability to correct comment’s IP address with HTTP_X_REAL_IP OR HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR.

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WP-HideRefer keeps your site private against outgoing links. For example, you site’s readers follow links from you website, then the linked website can see where they come from. It means your website is open to every one. This plugin will keep your site private in such cases.

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Links to Web Proxy

Links to Web Proxy plugin creates a web proxy for the links in your WordPress website. It is useful for cross-domain call. Extra feature of this plugin is to fix most originating content character encoding issues.

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Proxy Real IP

In case you’re running your WordPress blog behind a proxy, then there are many chances that site user’s IP address who is browsing your site won’t show up, instead WordPress will get the IP address of your proxy server. But Proxy Real IP can fix this issue.

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Mini Proxy WordPress Plugin

This one is a very nice one plugin for using proxies on your WordPress installation.

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Reverse-Proxy Comment IP Fix

Reverse-Proxy Comment IP Fix plugin sets the comment IP to the client IP provided by the X-Forwarded-For header before comment is saved to the database.

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WordPress Nginx proxy cache integrator

WordPress Nginx proxy cache integrator enhances the speed of your WordPress website. It makes WordPress emit an “X-Accel-Expires: 0” header when a user is logged in or has taken actions that should cause them to get a customized page on your frontend.

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Network Nginx Proxy Cache Purge

Network Nginx Proxy Cache Purge is a cache plugin which works in conjunction with the above one plugin “Nginx”. With this plugin you can purge taxonomy archives, home, posts, blog page and feed. It also gives you seven filters for customizing purge behavior. Also supports mobile caching.

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