Ways to Upgrade Already Customized WordPress Theme

Websites should look classy and stylish at all times, and for that you are highly suggested to upgrade your website’s theme to the newer versions, even though they have been previously customized. Your site’s themes can be upgraded in many ways. It guarantees you to all the latest interesting features, as well as updated with any kind of security patches. If you haven’t yet upgraded your already customizable WordPress theme, then you can effortlessly upgrade the older version to a fresh version, without making any delay.

Your loyal visitors will return back to your website if you insert unique and striking WordPress theme. Magnificent innovations are available simply to convey you the different methods you can upgrade your customized free WordPress themes that will turn out to be really attractive. Hence knowing the right way of WordPress customized theme upgrade is hugely important to meet your priority.


We’ve discussed here about few of the distinct ways how to upgrade your already customized WordPress Theme for your website.

  • Automatic Upgrades: It will be effortless and uncomplicated to automatically upgrade your customized theme. Automatic upgrades are accessible for WordPress hosted default themes such as Twenty Twelve, Twenty Eleven and free themes. You just need to click the update button, and the Twenty Twelve will be upgrade to the latest version. Another way is to go on your WordPress dashboard- Appearances>Themes. You can select your own theme and further click on ‘upgrade now’ button for upgrading it. You can even upgrade multiple themes in a quick way. Instead of utilizing a premium theme that has their own set of instruction details for upgrading, you can use other different WordPress themes of your choice.
  • Upload Newer Version Themes through WP Dashboard: You can come across specialized theme upgrade alert feature on the premium Wome across specialized theme upgrade alert feature on the preimum itsuch as Twenty Twelve, Twenty Eleven and free themes. You rdPress themes. A notification will be send to you when you need to update the customized WordPress theme to the fresh new versions, and you have to download it from your respective account page. If by chance you come across any error, instead of removing the older theme version, you can rename a new WordPress, and further install a theme as per you desire to keep.
  • Theme Files to be Backed-Up: It is extremely important to back-up your current WordPress theme file, because while upgrading to newer version, anything wrong might happen in between and you may lose the older theme also. So it’s advised to go safe and back-up the older theme. You may directly copy your complete WordPress directory to your PC by applying FTP and then backup your file along with a plugin, or else you may open up a VaultPress membership along with third-party backup sites to do whatever is needed to execute.
  • Upgrading WordPress Child Themes: The most common recommendation for upgrade of customized WordTheme is with a child theme. Similar to Photoshop layer or animation, a child theme comprises of translucent stylized sheet that allows you to make alterations. You can either change or include additional functions of parent theme. You can smoothly make modifications towards your website, and at the same time you do not require to pick up the code of your original theme. Hence you can quickly upgrade your website with WordPress child theme and you won’t lose the customization also.
  • Re-customization of Your New Theme: You have created the customization for your individual theme or you have already saved it in your computer, but you can re-customize it in a simple way in order to upgrade the same WordPress theme automatically, and further create the customization yet again towards your website. Though you may feel a bit of upset while doing it for the second time, but here you can execute a child theme that would turn out to be pretty appealing.
  • Upgrade Manually: You can navigate in the course of customized WordPress Dashboard and upgrade a fresh theme version. Go to Dashboard>Appearance>Themes>Add New>Upgrade theme. When the new theme is upgraded, the older as well as newer version of theme will be exhibited in their frame. So next time you just require to confirm the version number to know about the most recent correct theme version, and further get going to make it active.

The above methods will really help you immensely in upgrading your customized WordPress Theme to the newer versions. It won’t take much time to upgrade automatically and manually to newer versions.

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