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Adding Twitter follow button into your WordPress site is important to get more followers and visitors to the website. In this WordPress tutorial, you will learn how you can add a simple Twitter follow button in WordPress in case you don’t know about Twitter’s API. Let’s start by downloading the plugin from here and activating. After activation you will find the screen like below after going to the plugin’s settings.


twitter plugin

Enter your username: In this field you will have to enter your Twitter’s username if you already have the account. Otherwise you can create a Twitter account.

Choose display settings: Via this drop-down you will have to select either custom button or standard button.

Current Image: Here you will see the default image.

“Follow Me” Image: Here you can upload your custom follow me image.

Disable the “Twitter” Button: The button “T” will not be displayed. Just the shortcode [follow_me] will work, when you will check this checkbox.

Choose the “Twitter” icon position: Here you can specify where you want to display your Twitter icons. There are two options: Top position and Bottom position.

Now you have everything setup, now hit “Save Changes” button to save the settings you made. There are two methods to utilize this Twitter button on your site: either by the straight PHP code or via shortcode.

If you want to use shortcode then paste anywhere this shortcode [follow_me] into the necessary page or post to use the “Follow Me” Button. If you would like to use this button in some other place, please paste below line into the template source code.

[code type=”php”]
<?php if ( function_exists( ‘follow_me’ ) ) echo follow_me(); ?>

After inserting shortcode or PHP code, you will see the button like below:


Conclusion: After following up the tutorial, you are able to add a Twitter “Follow” and “Like” Button easily at any position you want.


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