Top 7 Tools for Your Laravel Development Team

Laravel is well-known and one of the most popular PHP frameworks used for a variety of projects. For developers who wonder what is Laravel, it is a custom software framework usually used for designing custom solutions for various businesses from enterprise companies to small startups. Laravel latest version, Laravel 5.7 was released a month ago and now 16 versions of Laravel available. With every next version, there are more and more features added to be of help for PHP Laravel developer and framework becomes faster and more secure with each update.

Why use Laravel? If you ask PHP developers about it, they will admit helpful featured, well-thought system, comfortable syntax, and affordable price of Laravel framework. No wonder that this framework is often used for creating codes for different projects and Laravel web development significantly increased during the last years.

Some time ago we published a post about essential tools and resources for developers, but when it comes to working with a particular framework such as Laravel, you need to create a toolbox full of Laravel resources only to be able to manage your work and results successfully. Of course, you can find a dedicated Laravel development team to work on your project but still, you need to know about the basics about Laravel and tools used by Larabel developers to understand possibilities of this framework and use them to the maximum.
Here is a list of helpful programming tools successfully used by many Laravel developers all over the globe.

7 Helpful Tools for Laravel Development Team

If you still considering choosing Laravel over other PHP frameworks, take a look at this article explaining the benefits of using Laravel for your business. Also, it is worth admitting that there are a lot of tools developed for Laravel specialists and there are many options to explore on the web to find that only app that meets your need the most. However, this lists consists of tested and widely-used tools that proved to be helpful in coding. So, take a look at this Laravel package development list:

Laravel Cheat Sheet
Laravel Cheat Sheet is a helpful tool to create a list you can search through and view by topic. Also, it contains a lot of cheats of many information including HTML builds and inputs to configurations and routing. What is more, you can add Laravel Cheat Sheet to your browser bar to make this helpful tool even handier when it comes to quick searches through lists. This filterable web app can make your working process much easier and convenient, especially with managing overwhelmingly long lists. Laravel Cheat Sheet is used by many senior Laravel developers to simplify a coding routine and boost their productivity.

Laravel Test Tools
This tool is launched in the form of an extension for Google Chrome, and it is indispensably helpful for Laravel developers. With this Google Chrome add-on, you can create a million test while still writing your code. This reliable add-on allows creating integration tests without interrupting your major tasks. This must-have tool is easy-to-use and can show you how builds will look like in result. With Laravel Test Tools Chrome extension, you can run tests on all sections of your applications to fix not-working parts on the go. Probably, it is the most helpful tool out of the list, and you should consider starting using it right away.

Eyewitness is another remarkable tool for Laravel developers that allows to monitor and track all information starting from the application’s uptime and emails to accumulating backlogs of your queues. This tool allows you to find out about statuses of pending jobs and queues log files immediately, track if applications are getting backlogs. Also, you can check out failed jobs and retry server job remotely using this useful tool, and these are the main functions of Eyewitness that can cover much more. If you are working with Laravel platform, Eyewitness should be in your resource list for sure.

The name of this tool clearly shows its purpose – with Charts, you can easily incorporate charts in your Laravel builds. Though many Laravel developers consider charts useless feature, you never know when you need them in the future, so take care of these graphics in advance. What is remarkable about ConsoleTV’s Charts, this tool contains multiple chart libraries and 100+ chart options to choose from, so you can be sure that you can find a right one for your project. Charts can be loaded over AJAX, use simple API for JS logic, and require writing few PHP lines only. In return, you get access to the most popular charting options and real-time chart libraries.

Instant messaging became an essential feature of any website, mobile app, Saas platform, and as Laravel developer, you may think about including a messaging system into the project to be able to communicate with customers. So, if you want to integrate a messaging system or chats in your builds, consider adding Talk to your list of favorite tools. Talk allows real-time messaging, thread conversations, pagination, tracks by conversation and user IDs, and much more. Unlike other similar tools, Talk allows both senders and receivers to delete wrongly sent messages or edit typos in already sent messages, and that is extremely useful. Therefore, Talk proved to be the best tool for communication purposes in software development, and you should take it into consideration.

Laravel Purifier

If you provide Laravel development services and create websites using this framework, you should be probably familiar with Laravel Purifier but for those who haven’t started using it yet, here is a strong recommendation. To be sure that no raw HTML code is available to visitors, you can use HTML Purifier that can tide up your code and notify about missing and omitted parts of your HTML code. This tool proves to be the unified solution that also allows to output the HTML variable to the customer from the database; still, no illegal code is displayed.

Anvil is an iPhone-connected application requires Laravel Forge account and allows you to manage Laravel Forge provisioned servers. Moreover, with Anvil you can not just create and manage serves but also run recipes on your servers, deploy new codes to your websites, upgrade configuration files, and much more. Also, this application supports such useful features like Touch ID, nice intuitive design, and multi-account support. This helpful tool for Laravel developers using iOS is worth attention because of the mobile-friendly approach and functions it offers.

Advanced Tools for Laravel Developers Working Remotely

If you are a freelance Laravel developer working with a distributed team of if you plan to hire Laravel developer to contribute to your project, these additional tools can simplify your working process and cooperation:


Freckle is a helpful time-tracking software working online. It has hashtags to save working records quickly and easily. Also, it provides synchronization between desktop and iOS devices helpful for those who attend meetings without setting a timer for them beforehand. There much more features provided by Freckle and the company collected numbers of customer feedbacks on the homepage.


Dashlane is a password manager that can keep tracks of all your passwords securely. The security is provided by military-grade encryption, and the application never stores your master key somewhere, so you can be sure that no one can crack and use your passwords. Dashlane helps to create unique passwords for your accounts, save them, and have them typed for you once you open a saved page or web application.


Zapier allows you to connect the applications you use and automatize your workflows. It is a perfect tool for developers who experience multi-tasking. Zapier allows you to move between your applications automatically to let you focus on the most important and urgent work. It is worth noting that this tool can connect hundreds of applications including Slack, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Facebook Pages, Trello, and many more. There are advantages only.


MeisterTask is another helpful task manager that offers smart integrations and tasks automation to make the whole team productive and each member not to miss a thing. MeisterTask has a simple and intuitive interface and consists of boards and cards of tasks that you can build your custom lists of, copy them, and invite members to join the project you are working on. MeisterTask can also integrate well with Slack and compatible with Zaiper, making it possible to automatize tasks in a number of other applications, too.
Do You Need Additional Tools for Laravel Framework?
Laravel framework is widely used by PHP developers to create a broad range of projects both for big companies and small businesses. This versatile framework allows to create different web applications and with a set of powerful tools and toolbox of Laravel resources, you can code even quicker and complete your project with no coding problems. This article contains recommendations on the most popular and well-developed tools for Laravel specialists, and by using this tools, you can simplify the coding process and facilitate teamwork.

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