Top 20 Typography Examples from Advertising

The advertisement may be a nuisance for the average person. The words become closely associated with in the decades since the golden period of advertisement. In my point of view, in print ads the role of typography is misunderstood. In this article, I’m going to share Top 20 Typography Examples from Advertising and you’re going to like it because these are the best examples of typography in advertising. The purpose of this article is to show you how much typography is important in the advertisement.

1. Eat my brain

Eat my brain

2. Life


3. The Newport Beach Film Festival

The Newport Beach Film Festival

4. HBO – 20th Anniversary

HBO - 20th Anniversary

5. Callbox Billboard Design

Callbox Billboard Design

6. Finger Fun

Finger Fun

7. Seriously Fungi

Seriously Fungi

8. Kodak Ads

Kodak Ads

9. Vultures


10. Making Worlds

Making Worlds

11. Absa Bank Typography

Absa Bank Typography

12. METH


13. VANS “A Shoe As Interesting As You”

VANS A Shoe As Interesting As You

14. Other time

Other time

15. Nike / DDB Paris

Nike  DDB Paris

16. Neo Nation

Neo Nation

17. Shape Ups

Shape Ups

18. Species Risk Extinction

Species Risk Extinction

19. Crash


20. Discovery Channel – Life

Discovery Channel - Life

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