Top 10 Websites Designed for Their Target Audience

Website design is one of the most crucial ingredients of a successful business. Websites essentially work as windows to the business much like storefronts they entice the customers to take a look at what the business has to offer.

There is no need to stress why this design has to be top-notch. It must cater adequately to the target audience and its needs. According to a recent study, 48% of users claim that they determine the credibility of the business from the website. Web design is not only about functionality, but about blending the right aesthetics that appeal to the target audience, and making the user’s navigating experience simple and enticing.

Poorly designed websites are unappealing and could easily hinder the functionality, thus leading to bad statistics. If you are looking for some inspiration to create those landing pages, here are a few amazing websites that are truly inspiring.

1. Feed

The web design concept of Feed makes it relatable to many, by elaborating on many concepts with compelling animations, videos, and navigation. The key here is that the concept has been executed impeccably that something that could have been chaotic becomes a flowy and beautiful evolution of their idea. The webpage engages the audience and appeals to their curiosity to explore more and find out more about the business.

2. EssayPro

As an educational platform offering fast essay writing service to students, EssayPro has made its design very effective. There is no need to navigate and look for what you need, the homepage concept is direct enough to show all the options laid out. With a variety of writing services including admission essays, research papers, and academic essays, the website targets the student community precisely. The service furthermore has options to lay out all the requirements of the essay, with clear instructions for the writer you pick. Moreover, there is also an interesting blog section with useful tips to help students with essay writing.

3. Mikiya Kobayashi


As a product designer, Mikiya Kobayashi has brought in all his ideologies and inspirations to this website. The minimalistic design highlights the products, with excellent photographs and subtle animations. The designer’s style of work is reflected in the crafting of the landing pages, making it more unique at the same time offering the audience an experience to indulge in.

4. ESPN Media Distribution

The programming site of ESPN does not need any introduction to get the attention of the audience. Even then, the webpage target audience by brilliantly combined its dynamic approach and passion for sports with videos and images. The design also showcases details about their various programs and statistics which are informative for the audience.

5. Woven Magazine

The online publication Woven can easily capture the audience with its website design. They feature artists, designers, and craftsmen talking about their journey with the right perspective of beautiful pictures and engaging visuals. There are very few distractions, and the focus is on the content thus exponentially increasing its appeal to the target audience.

6. Revols

What is striking about the Revols’ web design is how they have used macro photography to illustrate their sophisticated headphone designs. The highlight of this webpage is in the brilliance of the videos and photographs attracting the audience to take a second look at the product and its features. The font and navigation are also simple yet eye-catching.

7. Morgan Stanley

As financial consultants, Morgan Stanley has made their web design straightforward and to the point. Right from the home page, users are directed to useful articles that convince of their credibility. At any point, the website features the current scenario that the audience is most concerned about. With the right ingredients of current affairs and evergreen content, the grid layout of the page is as efficient as it could get.

8. World of Swiss

Airlines are experimenting with different approaches to land new customers. Swiss Airlines focuses on what travelers would like to see and experience while flying with them. The strong visuals and animations paint an entrancing picture of the Swiss Alps, all the seasonal activities and the attractions of their catering destinations. The booking pages are full of information, neatly organized making it easy for the user to navigate.

9. The District

As a branding agency, The District has put all its eggs on imagery on their website. And that does all the work, showcasing what they deliver to their clients at one sight. But what is even more unique is how they have boldly displayed their information at the top of the homepage, in a quirky tone, including their detailed company listing.

10. Campos Coffee

 Today, the marketing scenario entertains the journey more than the product itself.  Campos Coffee does exactly that by telling coffee tales, demonstrating how the concept has evolved and what they offer to communities. The website does a great job of making you feel happy and proud to be a consumer.

 The website is the face of your product or service, representing the brand equity. If the website does not uphold the values of the brand, then you might have to do a quick facelift to tailor it to the evolving audience. So it might be time to take a look at your website and see for yourself whether you need a quick revamping to boost the performance.

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