Top 9 JQuery Lightbox Plugins

Lightbox is a technique of displaying pictures/images in modal dialogs by using either JavaScript or JQuery. Basically the term “Lightbox” came from a JavaScript plugin developer Lokesh Dhakar, now the term is commonly used for every plugin displaying images in modal dialogs. Here I’m showing you a list of Top 10 jQuery Lightbox Plugins.




This tiny jQuery lightbox plugin has 3 unique layouts (black, white and shadow). It is compatible to all modern and old browsers specially internet explorer. You have the ability to set multiple images. It also has slideshow option. It automatically re-sizes the images according to the actual image size.



jQuery SuperBox is extensible as it doesn’t set any layout and style, everything is automatically stylable by CSS. Just rel attribute is used to initialize the script and href contains the address of the image or video or anything.

3. prettyPhoto | Demo


The jQuery lightbox clone has many features as we can expect from any lightbox plugin. It is compatible to Opera 9 +, Safari 3.1.1 +, IE 6.0 +, Chrome 10.0 + and Firefox 3.0 +. It also supports ajax, iframes, flash and much more besides pictures.

4. Highslide JS | Demo

Highslide JS

This elegant looking lightbox plugin not requires plugins for example Java and Flash. It’s free for non-commercial and commercial users. If you are using an old browser or you javascript is disabled, it simply redirects to the actual HTML page.

5. Lightview | Demo


This clean, fast, easy, rounded and smart plugin is designed to laud your content, with smart and fast image preloading. It works with all browsers and have the ability to re-size images to fit on your screen.

6. jQuery Lightbox Plugin | Demo

jQuery Lightbox Plugin

This elegant, simple and unobtrusive plugin is handy to overly the pictures on the current page screen. You can set loading image, close button image, previous button image, next button image just putting the URLs in the jQuery code.

7. FancyBox | Demo


This plugin is able to display pictures, iframes, Ajax requests, swf files and HTML. You can also scroll the images by mouse wheel but you have to include mouse wheel plugin script first.

8. ColorBox | Demo


This 10KB JavaScript plugin has everything you want from a lightbox plugin. It supports iframe, inline, ajax, images, slideshow and grouping content. You can style the appearance as you want.

Linko Web Modal added on 14 August 2013.

9. Likno Web Modal Windows Builder | Demo

linko lightbox

Likno Web Modal Windows Builder is a powerful jQuery interface (GUI) for creating stylish and feature-rich javascript popup windows/dialogs for your web pages, with minimal effort and coding.

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