Top 10 Free Windows Mobile Entertainment Applications

Like other mobile platforms, Windows mobile platform also has app store owned by Microsoft. You can easily search (Free to Commercial) and download applications that have been developed by other developers. In this article, I gathered a list of top 10 windows mobile entertainment applications. Let’s check this out.

1. Flixster


If you want to watch movie trailers, get critic reviews and showtimes from Rotten Tomatoes, Flixter is the best choice. You can see live title of weekly box office hits, search movies by title and many more.

2. Smosh Videos

Smosh Videos

By using Smosh Videos, you can download and watch videos of Smosh from their YouTube Channel.

3. Ringtones


Ringtones is 100% free application and updated daily. There are thousands of ringtones available.

4. Fun Sounds

Fun Sounds

Fun Sounds application has a huge collection of fun sounds categorized by robots, people, city, love, movies, alarms, horror, cartoons, silly, animals and fun.

5. iLOL’d


If you are looking for some mindless fun when having a bad day at work, use this application but try to keep a straight face when you are in the meeting 😉 .

6. Wallpaper


Wallpaper application for windows mobile allows you to browse wallpapers through different categories. You can easily save and preview full size wallpapers.

7. Personality Test

Personality Test

Personality Test application is based on the famous 5 factors model developed by psychologists. A group of psychologists have developed over 130 questions and every question is analyzed the results.

8. Bang Bang

Bang Bang

If you are looking for gun app for windows mobile, Bang Bang has every type of weapons including missile launchers, flame throwers, SMG’s, nuclear explosions, grenades, shotguns and deagles.

9. Urban Dictionary 7

Urban Dictionary 7

Urban Dictionary 7 allows you to surf Enjoy this application.

10. Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry

If you are searching for Tom and Jerry cartoons on YouTube and didn’t find the videos you want, this application will give you every episode of Tom and Jerry Cartoons.

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