Skype confirms that it is working on video calls

The well-known internet phone company Skype has revealed that it is developing its technology already however it may be a good few years before it reaches the market.

In the day and age of evolving technology there is something new getting released every month so everyone has to keep up otherwise they fall behind and stop making sales which then makes them go bust eventually.

Skype confirms that it is working on video calls

Skype is owned by Microsoft and it has been rumoured that it is experimenting on the 3D video calls when its tenth anniversary comes around which is fairly soon. Gillett who have joined the internet calling company in 2010 ahead of its $8.5bn takeover by Microsoft said that currently at the stage they are at you will have to add multiple cameras to your computer to get the correct angle for the 3D graphics to pick up and work.

There has been extensive research done into the owners of 3D TVs and it has revealed that there are an estimated figure of 1.5million owners of TVs that are able to support 3D in the UK. But the availability of big showcase events like Wimbledon and the Queens Christmas message has not be met with the huge take up of the new technology. Plus both the BBC and Disney are putting their 3D trials on hold because they want to see how the market pans out before they put mega bucks into something they don’t necessarily need.

It has been said that 3D video chats will take a lot longer to catch on than other services such as TV and Film mainly because you don’t want to just pay for a 3D service that you use sometimes but not regularly enough to spend a lot of money on it. Whereas with a TV it is different because it is something that you are going to constantly be using from the minute you get it.

There are also talks about many mobile phones bringing phones with 3D cameras on them however what is the point if the actual 3D screen on smartphones has been perfected yet? Answer there isn’t but in a few years’ time I think that pretty much everything will be 3D even if you don’t like it.

You will see much more progress in the way that 3D puts itself across to you on your TV, computer and smartphones in the next few years.

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