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Nowadays it is quite obvious for the majority that no business can develop successfully without a website. Still, being an excellent expert in your field you may know nothing about websites and coding. Do not let this trifle stay on your way to success! Even a complete novice is able to cope with the creation of a fully-functioning website with the MotoCMS website builder. Besides that, you are extremely lucky because only recently the company has introduced to the public an absolutely new awesome Skyline template.

skyline template


With Skyline – Business, Dentistry, Architecture and Travel MotoCMS Template, you don’t need to think for a long time choosing the right option for your future website. Whatever sphere you work in, the template will be perfect for you. Don’t you believe? Then let me tell you what makes this theme the best possible choice for every type of business on the Internet.

Enjoy the beauty of 5 homepage layouts

The amazing news about the Skyline template is that in you get 5 homepage layouts in one theme. So, you have a wonderful possibility to choose among 2 different variants of the main home page and 3 child pages. The customization of any of them will take you literally no time at all.

Skyline Template Black Home Page

black homepage


The bright mesmerizing design of the Skyline Black Home Page makes it a splendid choice for those who wish to catch their visitors’ attention from the first glance. What is more, this marvelous child page is really a versatile one because it will perfectly suit most types of business. It does not matter whether you are a photographer or a real estate agent, the Skyline Black Home Page will surely skyrocket your business to success.

Skyline Template Construction Home Page

construction template

If you are into the house construction business, or you work as a designer or you are an architect, you will certainly appreciate the simple design of the Skyline Construction Home Page. Tell all about your company and your team. Give the detailed information about your services. Add the photos of the projects your company has already finished using 3 types of handy galleries. Any task will be extremely easy to fulfill with the user-friendly admin panel of Skyline. Just give it a try.

Skyline Template Travel Agency Home Page

travel agency template

Being a travel agent you won’t stay indifferent to the stunning design of the Skyline Travel Agency Home Page. It will help you provide your clients with the highest quality travel services. Offer the best destination places, share your hot promotions, and introduce the most popular experiences with this eye-catchy theme. Use the testimonials of your satisfied customers to persuade the pickiest that your company is the best choice. Solving all these tasks is just as easy as ABC with The Skyline template.

Skyline Template Dentist Home Page

dentist template

Dental services are highly required in the contemporary society. At the same time, the competition in this sphere is pretty high. The well-balanced design of the Skyline Dentist Home Page with its calm color palette is an excellent means of fighting this competition. Use it to feature your top-quality services. Give the detailed information about the specialists working for you. Educate your customers with the help of blog posts. Add the statistics justifying your first-rate work. Show the beautiful smiles of your happy clients. Your company will certainly flourish!

Customize Skyline Using Drag-and-Drop Block Editor

drag and drop

Don’t you like any of the layouts? Do you want to change anything according to your taste? Not a problem! Construct your own unique layout from a scratch or customize the design of any existing page using the superior functionality of the drag-and-drop Block Editor. To make this task easy and enjoyable you are welcome to use more than 100 handy pre-built content blocks. With their help constructing a unique breathtaking website becomes just a splendid game. Have fun and succeed!

Show your business on the 24 ready to use pages

multipage layout

Whatever home page you decide to go with, you won’t have any problem with organizing your website because there are 24 professionally designed pre-made pages which will cover all your needs. No doubt, you will be fascinated with the specter they cover and the elaborate design of any of them. But for quite traditional pages such as ‘About Us’, ‘Contact us’ or ‘Prices’, there are separate pages to feature one service – ‘Single Service’, to introduce new projects – ‘Projects’, to start your own blog – ‘Blog’ page, to tell more about your satisfied clients – ‘Clients’ or ‘Testimonials’. And these pages are only a few examples.

Enjoy the efficiency of great widgets

skyline template widgets

One more bonus you get choosing the Skyline template is highly efficient embedded widgets. MotoCMS admin panel is equipped with the handiest tools to help you create a fantastically functional website of your own. Use three types of galleries, Slider, Carousel, and Grid Gallery, to showcase your pictures. Upload music and videos, and play them with convenient Audio and Video Players. Add all types of social networks links to represent your business in social networks. Create a subscription to keep your clients informed about the latest events through MailChimp widget.

As you see, there are a huge number of widgets for any occasion you can use to guarantee your website the highest level of functionality.

On the top of all, the Skyline template has a wonderful user-friendly navigation and is responsive for all types of mobile devices.

The help is always at hand

If creating websites is a new activity for you, you definitely will have questions. On purchasing the Skyline template you are welcome to enjoy the MotoCMS 24/7 Technical Support Services for one year free of charge. Our highly professional team will answer all your questions and help you overcome the uprising difficulties in the most convenient way. Feel free to write an email, to order a phone call, or to use live chat. There is also a ticket system to make the whole process even easier.

Now it is high time for you to learn yourself how amazing the Skyline Business, Dentistry, Architecture and Travel Website Template is. Try it for 14 days for free and you will see that this template is really the best choice.

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