5 Most Resourceful Apps And Programs To Help Your Planning

Being resourceful and productive can be very difficult particularly if you do not have the right programs or plans to keep you in line. Over the years, there are so many apps or programs that have been developed to help in the efficient planning of our day to day life. Well, if you have been looking for the best or 5 most resourceful programs this autumn, read on.



If you are not very cautious or good with time management or keeping up with your time, you can highly benefit from this app. 30/30 is an app that permits you to have short breaks within your day and also relax while you work. With this app, you can set every task for a specific time frame and when the time is up, you will hear the alarm sound alerting you of your break or even your next task. This app is very resourceful is you are looking at having a fulfilling autumn with no appointments missed.


Do you love to work from the comfort of your home with some noise level? Well, if you love to work under some noise but still do not want the noise level to be as severe as being in a bar or club, this app will be perfect for you. Listening to music is distracting generally. However; the type of music you listen to also matters. Coffitivity makes sure you get the right scenery even though there will be some noise. Just imagine being in a coffee shop, well; that is the kind of noise you get from this app no matter the type of songs you play.

Google Calendar

If you have never had to use a calendar before in your life, it will be best to start considering using a digital calendar. There are times when you need to know the specific dates of days for important occasions and you cannot because you do not have a calendar. Every single day of your life has some appointments, events, etc that needs to be remembered. This is why you need to have a calendar that you can save all appointments, events and also utility bill payments on. Using Google Calendar is one of the best apps that you can benefit from. With its many features, users can benefit from it in every way of their lives.


Do you always start the day with your to do list? Well if you do, there is one question you need to ask yourself and this is if you are able to work according to the list. Having to check your jotter or paper every time can be quite irritating. This is why many people prefer to find an app they can install onto their phones to help remind them of all they need to do at the specific times. Well, TeuxDeux is one of the apps you can count on to offer absolute comfort and perfection.


If you want to rid your inbox of those unnecessary emails but keep only the most important, the mailbox app will be the best app to have on your phone this autumn.

All the apps above are very easy to download, install and use.

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This article was written by Stephen Bales. He is behavioural therapist and a strong advocate of the role of technology in behavioural management. You can check out buzzkenya.com, a website where he often makes his contributions.

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