Reasons For Integrating Zen Cart With Other CMS (WordPress, osCommerce, Joomla etc)

What will happen if you are running an online shop in Zen Cart but unable to create other type of website that also should work with Zen Cart. Zen cart has the flexibility to integrate your online shop to any popular content management system.

Every CMS has its own benefits, merits and features. For example you want to add a specific functionality that Zen cart doesn’t have so you will have to choose a CMS that has the ability to give your functionality you want with your zen cart store. So what will happen, you will have to use both a CMS and your Zen Cart. There are some principles when you are integrating to web applications. These are:

No Forking
All the applications shouldn’t depend on each other in terms of their up-gradation and own code. It means both should support their own upgrade path and maintain their own code. Core files of both applications shouldn’t conflict with each other, in other words, shouldn’t be modified.

Code Should be as Simple as Possible
You should minimize code as much as possible when you are making integration attempts. It will be helpful for you to maintain the code.

Data Integrity
Synchronization of both databases should be optimized. For example, a user registers via Zen Cart store, so the same user information should be created to the other CMS. So the user will be able to login to the site with any CMS at once.

Seamless Integration
You should not tell the users that you are using two CMS in a single application.

Reasons For Integrating Zen Cart With Other CMS

Benefit of Single Signin
Giving single sign in ability to user on one or more CMS is the best choice. So user can use both CMS after login to any CMS. So user can use the both CMS and Zen Cart.

Increasing the Scope of Your Store
You have a zen cart shop and selling products. But what if you think that you should also add a blog where users can write & read articles. When you are thinking about blog then WordPress will come to your mind. Now the major challenge is to integrate your store with WordPress (Just wait for few days, I’m gonna write an article on how to integrate WordPress with Zen Cart). So you should integrate the both in a manner that users think that the store and shop are the same site.

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