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If you have a website or a blog, then odds are you know how important backlinks are for your Google PageRank. In case you’ve just learned that, then congratulations on learning something new (you should learn at least one new thing a day), and also – shame on you! How can you have a website or a blog and not know that? Anyway, we’re all human and we all make mistakes, so it’s not a big deal. It’s better late than never. Backlinks are one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization (or SEO) and knowing how many backlinks you have t- knowledge is power, and power corrupts… Wait, I was totally going somewhere with this… Anyway, here are a few checker tools so you can find out how many backlinks you have to your site.


Apart from having what is possibly the most unimaginative name in the history of the world, BackLinkWatch is a great free tool you can use for… Well, the name suggests its use. You can monitor your backlinks, as well as their quality and the number of visitors you’re getting on your site or blog. The tool is easy to use and even beginners will get a hang of it pretty quickly and without a problem. BackLinkWatch is especially useful for bloggers because it can show them what part of their content people like more so they can actually focus on it and attract more visitors. This is a good advice since on the Internet, ‘the rich are getting richer’ – the more views and backlinks you get, the more popular you become and the more popular you are, the more views and backlinks you get. This little gem will definitely help you improve.


Ahrefs is a site that gives you more or less the same options as the BackLinkWatch, but with the added benefit of giving you additional information you might find interesting or useful. It doesn’t simply tell you what the backlinks are, but also analyzes anchors, best pages, old and new links and more. With it’s user-friendly design and interface, the site can be easily used by novices in the field, but in the same time it provides enough relevant information that even someone with lots of experience might find useful. Overall, the site is really easy to use and gives you enough information to be worth using.

Analyze Backlinks

From the same school of unimaginative titles comes Analyze Backlinks (I wonder how people actually release products with such daft names – I find it really otiose). It presents you with the unique opportunity to check your backlinks from different domains and not repeat backlinks from the same domain so you can get the general idea of how many sites and blogs out there actually know you exist. This tools gives you tons of other options, as well, such as filtering the backlinks, searching by anchor word and many, many more. The interface, like with other such tools is extremely simple and will appeal to the casual user and the professional alike.


Ever since Google stated changing their algorithms and making the lives of SEO professionals and web masters a living hell, backlinks have been one of the most important tools our repertoire. An important thing to realize about this is the fact that as of late (past few years) Google has been much more about the quality and much less abut the quantity so keep this in mind – one good backlink may be worth more than ten bad backlinks.

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