MultiPurpose Joomla Theme Pintex: Get All in One

Perfection knows no bounds. And every day we face new technical inventions that make our lives easier. Joomla is not and exclusion. Professional designers are constantly searching new ways to amaze us. And now they prepared a new wonder of web-design. This amazing multipurpose Joomla theme is called Pintex. Despite its pretty cute name, Pintex is a powerful high-quality tool for websites creation. This template will be a bright solution for a qualitative corporate site, impressive portfolio or popular blog.

It is qualitatively different from all the previous themes. The style and structural features of this new multipurpose Joomla theme allow using it almost unlimitedly. This multipurpose theme is fully responsive, SEO-friendly and cross-browser compatible. Such features are essential for new generation templates. Consequently, Pintex will look and function perfectly on any device. It also can be easily modified according to your needs. A lot of possible settings allow you to give a unique and inimitable style to your website for the sake of originality and preciosity. It has a functional control panel that allows you to edit the code layout, change colors and fonts. And thanks to a user friendly color switcher you will change the design in a twinkling of an eye and without any extra efforts.

Now, let`s look at new opportunities if Pintex. Undoubtedly, it gives you more than other templates of the same type. One of its main advantages is that besides all necessary standard functional pages it includes 9 new pages! Let`s start with pricing page. It has clear structure and is divided into several columns. That simplifies decision making processes and shows how easy it is to make a purchase. Another addition is a special page for frequently asked questions (FAQ). This one can be an essential source of information both for you and your clients. Let`s go further. We all know that the business success of any company depends on its stuff. Our team page will beneficially show that your business is built by hard-working people, who make all possible to produce good results. History page can show that you don`t stop on the achieved. It is made in a time-line perspective to represent your progress and everyday improvements. Forum and testimonials will create a trustworthy image for your company. The word of a mouth means much more than a usual advertisement. And these two sections will help your clients to get acquainted with positive feedback from other people. Site map page is also indispensable if you don’t want your potential clients to get lost on your site like in jungle. And finally the most interesting page – portfolio. Sure, it`s better to see once than to hear a hundred of times. And what can be more exciting than showing off your best works in one place!

We have described the basic novelties of Pintex. However, the list is not complete. You will have 2 more additional pages: one to present template settings and another one for template elements. Typography, buttons, lists, tabs, accordions, toggles, tables, progress bars and counters… Anything you wish will appear on your website thanks to multipurpose Joomla theme called Pintex. Furthermore, Pintex is packed with many effective modules. Articles Newsflash , JoomGallery, Image Swoop, CarouFredSel, Koment,TM Olark, Acymailing, TM Addthis, Social Media and many other innovative modules will enlarge your opportunities and offer a lot of new options. Pintex has everything to make your site professional, amazing and captivating. Thus, we can safely state that this stunning Joomla theme is multi-purpose and suitable for any successful project.

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Pintex Joomla Template

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