Main Features of Zen Cart

First thing first, you should be clear what Zen Cart is?. It is the art of e-commerce and very easy to use shopping cart web application. It is programmed by a group of designers, programmers and consultants who know what a full fledged shopping cart do.

I like zen cart because it is open source, anyone can do modifications according to their requirements. Zen cart utilizes PHP and back-end support of MYSQL database. Many core developers of zen cart are contributing in developing modules to manipulate the functionality.

Developers of Zen cart claims that this software is developed for the people who know the online selling system from start to finish. Existing users including me of zen cart know that the software has everything to build a beautiful online store easily.

Up-gradation and installation system is very easy. When you are installing zen cart you will see its installers is checking your server and database requirements. Each footstep is well-written, helping you through online tutorials.


Localization feature is very useful when you want to sell things in a specific area with support of multiple tax rates, shipping methods, payment methods, currencies and languages.

Customer Management

Customer management is very easy is zen cart. Customers can go through the products and order a product very easily. Every customer information is stored in the database so that they can again login to shop and order something else. By default, customers can set their five billing addresses in zen cart. If they want to get notifications and newsletters of their interesting product, they can easily manage the subscriptions. A lot of customer retentions tools give ability to the store owner to communicate with their customers easily.

Discounts, Sales and Promotions

Every shopping cart supports discounts, sales and promotions as zen cart do. Store owner can easily set products’ special sale reduction and prices. Via zen cart’s email system, they can also send their coupons to their customers.

Products and Categories

You can add unlimited categories (and nested categories) and products in zen cart. Zen cart gives ability to the administrator to move or copy a production to another category. Store owners can add both digital and physical merchandise. You can set unlimited attributes to the products.

Customizable Templates

Zen cart template system is compliant with XHTML 1.0. You can change graphics, fonts etc by using CSS. You easily handle the side-boxes via administration option. Zen cart supports overriding in the template system, you can do override.

Administration Tool

Administration tool of zen cart is very smooth to handle. Login and registration panels are password protected. Through administration panel, administrator can do everything to handle the store including customer details, image sizes, create products etc.

Third Party Modules:

Zen cart gives the ability to the core developers to build third party modules which are fully integrated with zen cart. You can download every type of module on zen cart’s official download section.

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