Latest Blog Templates Released: 15 New CMS Templates To Every Taste

Launching a website may seem a big deal for someone who hasn’t done this before. In this case, you just don’t know what to begin with and how to get it all smooth and shining. Working with the code surely sounds like something crazy, and you end up paying a lot to get your site a custom design.

However, these is a better scenario, how you lunch a perfect page that boosts the revenues of your company. You can simply purchase a CMS template and enjoy customizing it with a comprehensive administrative panel. In this case, no skills of programming are needed as you just adjust the options that you have at your backoffice and get your website look the way you like, without spending a lot of time.

You can change colors, typography and animation speed of website elements, set up social share buttons and widgets, point out your Google Map location and enjoy having an encompassing website that tells everything about you. Moreover, sorting your contents is a real pleasure with different categories and types of posts that display right where you need them at your site.

In this post we’d like to share with you 15 latest CMS templates that have appealing designs and reflect on trends of modern webdesign. Their sleek layouts and rich animation effects persuade every user that there was a lot of work that went into the site, and that you are not one of the many, but a leader and an innovator in the field. Fullscreen sliders, Parallax backgrounds and fun LazyLoad effects are worth experiencing, so you can’t definitely bereave your clients of them.

These 15 new CMS templates bring you an array of choices depending on what you need. If you look for a CMS with a simple dashboard, then WordPress engine is a best option as it’s really hard to get lost at its backoffice. On the other hand, Joomla CMS delivers you more options that you can adjust and, consequently, more freedom in what you can get in the end. Moto CMS was specifically created for lovers of drag-and-drop and visual editing. With it, you can enjoy the experience of rearranging layout and style of your site live, with no switching form admin panel to the frontpage.

Whatever option you choose, latest CMS templates will definitely revamp the way your website appears and will change the way people see your business. Check out the themes with Live Demos and catch the wave of success with one of them!

Advanced Science Lab WordPress Template

 Science Lab WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

One-to-one Coaching Moto CMS HTML Theme

 Life Coach Moto CMS HTML Template

Details |  Demo

Freedom Explosion: Nightlife WordPress Website

 Night Club WP Theme

Details |  Demo

Consulting That Makes a Difference Moto CMS HTML Site

 Consulting Moto CMS HTML Template

Details |  Demo

Professional Accounting Advice Moto CMS HTML Theme

 Accounting Website Moto CMS HTML Template

Details |  Demo

All You Need to Travel: Travel Agency Joomla Template

 Traveling Joomla Template

Details |  Demo

Internet You Enjoy Joomla Site Design

 Internet Joomla Theme

Details |  Demo

Bellissimo! Italian Restaurant Joomla Website

 Italian Restaurant Responsive Joomla Template

Details |  Demo

Creative Hotspot: Webdesign Studio WordPress Site

 Web Design WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Style of the Future: Furniture & Interiors WordPress Template

 Furniture Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Best Start-up Solutions: Business Responsive Joomla Website

 Business Joomla Template

Details |  Demo

Rodeo Champion Responsive Drupal Template

 Horse Racing Drupal Template

Details |  Demo

Gorgeous Wedding: Minimalist Event Planner WordPress Design

 Wedding Event Planner WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Reliable Means of Transportation Moto CMS HTML Theme

 Transportation Moto CMS HTML Template

Details |  Demo

Tempting National Cuisine: Cafeteria & Restaurant Joomla Site

 Cafe And Restaurant Joomla Template

Details |  Demo

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