Best jQuery Image & Media Plugins

In the following list of best jQuery image and media plugins, you will find the many awesome plugins to handle image galleries and other kinds of media like audio or video. Following are the popular and top rated plugins to apply any kind of effects, animation and other type of stuff on images. Here is the list:


ZoomBox 2 – The Photographer’s Premium Lightbox | Demo

ZoomBox 2 - The Photographer's Premium Lightbox

ZoomBox 2 is a unique and premium jQuery lightbox plugin for photographers. It has two skins and optimized for iPhone and iPad.

iMapper – jQuery/HTML5/CSS3 Image Mapper | Demo

iMapper - jQuery HTML5 CSS3 Image Mapper

iMapper jQuery/HTML5/CSS3 Image Mapper is a simple plugin to select an image of your choice and pin stuff on it. It gives you many embedded pins with special functionality.

Griddler jQuery Plugin | Demo

Griddler jQuery Plugin

Create beautiful grid with animated lightbox to show multimedia content, video iframes and images with Griddler jQuery plugin.

jQuery Google+/Picasa Gallery | Demo

jQuery Google+ Picasa Gallery

Display Picassa or Google+ images on your website with jQuery Google+/Picasa Gallery plugin. It has over 160 different settings, social share feature, pagination feature, tooltip plugin integration and optional two dimensional album sorting feature.

Show Image in Placeholder/Target Box – jQuery | Demo

Show Image in Placeholder Target Box - jQuery

If you are searching for the answer that how to show images in placeholder or target box with jQuery, then this plugin is the answer for you. It has 20 different animation styles and 4 styles for showing content.

Image Player jQuery Plugin

Image Player jQuery Plugin

If you have the images on your website in sequence like 01.png, 02.png or 0001.jpg, 0002.jpg, then jQuery image player plugin will automatically detect the number of image and will display as the image player.

Final Tiles Gallery | Demo

Final Tiles Gallery

Final Tiles Gallery prevents you to use the boring multi-cloumn layouts. Because Final Tiles Gallery plugin for jquery keep images aspect ratio and  create beautiful grids.

Mesmerize: jQuery Image FX Plugin | Demo

Mesmerize jQuery Image FX Plugin

Mesmerize: jQuery Image FX Plugin allows you to add image effects on the fly, leaving the original image untouched. You will enjoy 9 dazzling effects of this plugin including edge, color threshold, threshold, tint, darkness, brightness, blur, sharpen and gray scale effect.

ImageZoom – Responsive jQuery Image Zoom Plugin | Demo

ImageZoom - Responsive jQuery Image Zoom Plugin

ImageZoom is a responsive jQuery Image Zoom Plugin with follow mode, standard mode and inner mode.

Double Viewer jQuery Plugin | Demo

Double Viewer jQuery Plugin

Double Viewer jQuery Plugin allows you to compare 2 different images in one slider with nice effects.

jQuery Fullscreen Slideshow | Demo

jQuery Fullscreen Slideshow

jQuery Fullscreen Slideshow plugin allows you to auto play slideshow, hover icons and text to pause. It is responsive so you can use it for any browser.

Overgray | Demo


Overgray jQuery effects plugin adds many gray scale unique effects on image on hovering with cursor.

Tap Zoom | Demo

Tap Zoom

Zoom into images with mouse or finger with Tap Zoom jQuery plugin. It allows the user to add an optional load for the large image, which is only called when anyone will interact with it.

LivIcons – 303 Truly Animated Vector Icons | Demo

LivIcons - 303 Truly Animated Vector Icons

Usually we see different blocks with menus, sliders, widgets, main thing – content and of course, icons. Generally most of them are interactive, except content and… icons!

Thus the idea of LivIcons (live Icons) was born. But if I knew that this project would take four months of hard daily work, maybe I would not had started it. However, here you can see the result.

True Panorama | Demo

True Panorama

True Panorama jQuery plugin is equipped with parallax cross-linking support, modal window support, external control and mobile support.

ZoomFolio – jQuery Portfolio Plugin | Demo

ZoomFolio - jQuery Portfolio Plugin

Create awesome portfolios with ZoomFolio jQuery Portfolio Plugin. But you can also use it for your blog’s recent posts or gallery.

Google Plus Photo Gallery Plugin | Demo

Google Plus Photo Gallery Plugin

Integrate your photo gallery from Google + on your website with Google Plus Photo Gallery Plugin. So your site’s visitors will never know where you are hosting the images.

Responsive Text Effects – Media Overlays | Demo

Responsive Text Effects - Media Overlays

Display beautiful text and typography with responsive Text Effects jQuery Media Overlays plugin. The script work much in the same way as cufon does, by taking text and transforming it into a live image using the canvas tag, that flows and responds to its containers size just like normal text would.

Fancy Portfolio Slider – jQuery plugin | Demo

Fancy Portfolio Slider - jQuery plugin

Fancy Portfolio Slider jQuery plugin integrates a cool and nice looking portfolio slider with a touch enabled coverflow. You can add any media to a project with this plugin. Supported media are mp4, vimeo, youtbue videos and images.

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