jQuery and PHP powered Easy Form

If you’re looking for jQuery and PHP powered Easy Form, then you’ve found it. It is a very easy to customize form, and all fields on form are validated via PHP and jQuery. There is PHP validation for the folks who love to try to break forms or just simply have JS disabled. JavaScript validation is for those who love to fill forms and have JS enabled.

The form is secured by both type of validation: client-side and server-side. Reason is that many forms constantly get bombarded with spam because of security flaws in forms and such kind of vulnerabilities can lead to the form itself begin used to send malicious emails to other users.

Common Features:

1. Customize HTML email message that is sent.
2. Error message animation on submission.
3. Thank you message animation on submission.
4. Anti spam measures via Captcha (For using captcha, you will have to enable PHP GD library first).
5. Field specific validation, phone requires numbers, email requires a valid email format etc.
6. PHP validation if user has JavaScript disabled the form will still validate.
7. JavaScript validation for saving server bandwidth.
8. jQuery animation for validation rules.




Duan Lingxin

Duan Lingxin

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