19 Free Joomla Google Maps Extensions

Google Maps is a powerful and best web mapping service built by Google. Many Google’s services & products are built with the help of Google Maps such as Google Business Photos, Indoor Google Maps, Monopoly City Streets, Google Flu Vaccine Finder, Google latitude, Google Aerial View, Google Street View, Google My Maps, Google Biking Directions, Google Transit, Google Ride Finder, Google Sky, Google Mars, Google Moon and Google Ditu. Joomla also has many awesome extensions to display maps, directions etc into Joomla website. Let’s checkout 20 free Joomla Google Maps extensions.


Googlemaps Plugin

Googlemaps Plugin for Joomla is developed by Mike Reumer to display multiple Google Maps within component, modules and content.

googleMaps plugin

googleMaps plugin super lightweight (don’t match with the first one) is developed by kksour which gives the options to integrate one or more maps inside your article. Features good working with IE, support for kml files, different sizes for each map, different zoom level for each map, different map control for each map and Google Maps API V3.

Phoca Maps

Phoca Maps Joomla component is developed by Jan Parvelka. It doesn’t have tons of parameters because the idea behind the plugin if fast collection of map on your Joomla website.


GoogleMap light is built by Jan Sangill to integrate a google map without much knowledge. It has possibility to attach route planning, custom markers, attach various information on your markers and unlimited destinations on your map.


GMapFP features the map navigation bar, satellite/mixed/map/earth views, selection of centering positions, custom markers, direct information bubble on the map and display more information on the spot.

Zh GoogleMap

Zh GoogleMap is developed by Dmitry Zhuk. You can set labels for placemarks, set rate for your placemarkers, manage KML layers, create polygons, use Adsense, use weather & cloud layers, use street view, set Google Maps API key for monitoring, enable for registered users, use InfoBubble, use styles for map, use projection in custom map types and do much more.

Shape 5 Map it with Google!

Shape 5 Map it with Google! is a simple Joomla module which enables a user to enter their address and have it automatically map it on Google Maps to an address you specify in the admin side.


JGMap allows you to display default map types, search on map, marker with optional title and much more.

googleDirections plugin

googleDirections plugin gives you the flexibility to integrate multiple walking or driving directions provided by Google Maps right inside your content item or article.

Location Map

Location Map has many parameters to control Google Maps such as Google Maps key, Show map controls, Show Map Type Menu, Text Message for maker, Height & width of map, longitude for marker, latitude for marker, zoom level and possibility for show more than one marker on map.

Embed Google Map

Embed Google Map allows you to define the zoom level, size of the map, type of the map and the language of the Google Maps interface. The coordinates which location is how on a map is given as a parameter.

Google Simple Route

With Google Simple Route you can choose a target for the maps window, determine the top level domain for maps, determine a destination address to your store, publish a text below the submit button, enter a text for submit button, enter a text for the input field and publish an intro text above the input field.

JGooMap Button Editor

JGooMap Button Editor allows you to insert Google map into your site’s articles via the editor’s button.

Zh YandexMap

Zh YandexMap is a Joomla component with plugins and modules to add Google map into your Joomla site.

Pro Google Maps

Show Panoramio, bicycle roads, traffic and much more with Pro Google Maps in Joomla.


Maps is the simplest component for Joomla to display Google maps with API key.

Google Maps – Directions

Google Maps Directions uses the new direction service from Google Map API v3. It is a great module to display map inside articles or on a static point.

J!Places LIGHT

J!Places LIGHT is a Google Maps location management system with all the Google Maps features you need.

SW Google Maps

SW Google Maps helps you to integrate a module position with Google Maps with single pin, weather forecast and few options like map type.

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