Best JavaScript Frameworks For Mobile Web Development

If you’re starting out new website or web app, here are our top selections of best JavaScript frameworks for mobile web development. The frameworks we will mention below has some common features such as optimized for touch screen devices, cross-platform, and uses new CSS3 and HTML5 standards. Let’s check them out.


jQuery Mobile: Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones & Tablets | Demo

jQuery Mobile Touch-Optimized Web Framework for Smartphones & Tablets

jQuery Mobile is built on the solid-rock jQuery and jQuery UI foundation and a best HTML5 based UI for all the popular mobile platforms like Android and iPhone. You will really enjoy it’s theme-able design and lightweight code while developing your web apps.

Titanium Mobile Development Environment

Titanium mobile development environment

Titanium mobile development environment helps you to create beautiful, bold and trans-formative apps. The framework has the ability to create native apps for mobile devices like BlackBerry, Android, HTML5, hybrid and iOS.



You can build flexible mobile apps, easy and fast via The-M-Project HTML JavaScript framework.

Jo HTML5 Mobile App Framework | Demo

Jo HTML5 Mobile App Framework

Jo HTML5 Mobile App Framework allows to create a native-like app experience and surely your new HTML5 app lives in a single page. You don’t have to worry about DOM manipulation until you want to. Just tweak some CSS and built your app with this JavaScript framework.

xui.js – a simple javascript library

xui.js - a simple javascript library

xui.js is a simple and micro javascript library for creating HTML5 mobile web applications. It has super tiny 10.4kb size. This is the only library for BlackBerry, IE Mobile and WebKit.



EmbedJS is the framework for embedded devices. It just ships the code needed for each device, means it has unique approach than other framework.



zepto.js is a jQuery compatible API for all modern browsers. The uses of this library is same as you are using simple jQuery. Enjoy the versatile and best jQuery API for your projects.



Build HTML5 based mobile web apps with open source library “DHTMLX Touch“. It is a complete framework to create robust web applications that runs on all devices.

ChocolateChip-UI 3

ChocolateChip-UI 3

Good news is that ChocolateChip-UI 3 also works with iOS 7, Windows Phone 8 and Android Jelly Bean now, as it was completely rewritten to work with latest technology.

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