How to Integrate PayPal Express in Zen Cart

In this article you will lean how to integrate or setup PayPal express in zen cart.

If you want to use PayPal Express as a payment processor in zen cart, you can enable the PayPal express module that will enable you to checkout¬† payment using PayPal express. If you are using PayPal express checkout then your shop’s customers can easily complete transaction in a few steps. One advantage of using PayPal express is that customers don’t have to re-enter billing and shipping information in your site because these information will securely save to PayPal.

Process of PayPal Express Checkout

  1. When user will click on purchase button, then they will face the checkout option via PayPal on the checkout page.
  2. After clicking on the checkout, they will be forwarded to PayPal where they can enter their information and payment method. After this process, they will be redirected to your shop.
  3. Now PayPal will help you by giving customer’s email, shipping address etc.

One thing you should keep in mind that customers will finish their orders on your website not on PayPal. For using PayPal express module you will require CURL, IPN URL and PayPal API credentials.

PayPal Express Settings in Zen Cart

Live or Sandbox
Maybe you are using this module for testing purpose, then recommend option is to set it to Sandbox. Otherwise you can choose Live.

API Signature -> Username
Option for entering your PayPal API’s username.

API Signature > Password
You will have to enter 16 character password of your PayPal API.

API Signature -> Signature Code
In this field you will have to enter 56 character value that will be your API Signature from your PayPal API settings.

Payment Action
If you want to get the payment at the end of transaction then choose the Final Payment option. Otherwise, there is Auth option that is for receiving payments upon authorization only.

Express Checkout: Skip Payment Page
It will be a bad practice to select Yes on this option because customers will unable to use their gift certificates or coupons.

Express Checkout: Select Cheapest Shipping Automatically
If you want to turn on cheapest shipping automatically then select Yes.

Express Checkout: Require Confirmed Address
If you want customer should enter a confirmed address then select Yes.

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