How to Integrate LinkPoint/YourPay API Module in Zen Cart

In this article you will learn how you can set LinkPoint/YourPay API module in Zen Cart.

If you already have an account for YourPay or LinkPoint, you can easily use this plugin or module for payment processing in zen cart. Otherwise you can setup the account just by clicking on the link on the right side box for signing up for a new account.

One thing you should check first before installing this module that you server support the CURL or not. So for bidirectional communication you will have to set Port 1129 with digital certificate key PEM RSA. Now I’m going to eloborate the steps one by one.

  1. If you have module package then install it and enable it
  2. Put your merchan ID of LinkPoint or YouPay.
  3. If you have the live shop then select LinkPoint Transaction Mode to LIVE:Production, TESTING:Successful. You can also set TESTING:Decline if you want.
  4. Now according to your choice select either Immediate Charge/Capture or Authorize only in the Autherization Type.
  5. Select Sort Order, Payment Zone and Order Status
  6. Anyone may try to fraud. So for stopping the fraud select Fraud Alerts field to Yes, now you can receive fraudlent credit card activity by email
  7. If you want to store logs of all credit cart activities then set Enable Database Storage to True. Because it is the recommended work to capture credit card activities into your shop’s database.
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