How To Build An Ecommerce Website While Your Coffee Is Hot

The Internet allows you to sell your goods worldwide no matter what kind of products or service your company offers (physical, electronic goods or online services). While running an ecommerce website can be very beneficial in every way for yourself, your business and your customers, it requires careful planning, dedication and creative approach. Luckily, it doesn’t requires huge investment. These days virtually anyone can build a decent website with ecommerce capabilities without mastering his/her programming knowledge at a reasonable price thanks to the specialized ecommerce website builders. So, in this article I’m going to describe how easy and fast creating an eye-catching storefront can be.

Pick a Website Builder

First off, you have to select a site builder that will cater your needs perfectly. You may sign up to a versatile platform (suitable for building different types of websites), or opt for a narrowly specialized site creator that is geared towards creating estores only. One of these is a lightweight in-browser shopping cart MadeFreshly. This online website builder uses the premium business model: you can create an account with it for free (no need to provide your credit card details), but in order to get their advanced features you’re advised to upgrade. In fact, it’s possible to build a functioning website with MadeFreshly even using their freeware.

MadeFreshly Payment Options

Plan and Build

If you already have a blueprint of your website, and all the elements are at your disposal (a logotype, product descriptions, images, etc.) building a website with MadeFreshly will take you a few minutes. Let’s see what steps you have to take to get your estore up and running:

  • Create an account with MadeFreshly. The process is completely risk-free.
  • Log into your control panel and customize your website’s main settings: site name and URL (you can either use their subdomain or attach your own, previously purchased web address).
  • Pick a theme and customize it according to your business needs.
  • Upload your products and set up their details (size, color, shipping, payment options, status: Live, Sold Out, Coming Soon etc.).
  • Generate discount coupons, if needed.

MadeFreshly Themes

In fact, all these actions can be done within an hour. When your website is ready, proofread the content, check your settings, and preview your website (although the system offers What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get and drag-n-drop editing environment, I would recommend checking how your website is working live). So, if you’re satisfied with your creation, just push the Publish button and you can start accepting payments right away! Congrats, you’re an estore owner :).


You can explore MadeFreshly for free. Your free account never expires. However, in order to get advanced website building, search engine optimization and branding tools you’re advised to get one of their paid packages. These come in three versions: Starter ($11.99/mo), Choice ($19.99/mo) and Prime ($34.99/mo). The higher the price, the more products you can display and sell (30, 100 and 500, respectively), the more themes you can unlock and the more custom pages you can attach to your website.

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This article is written by Howard Steele. He’s the owner of SuperbWebsiteBuilders. On this website he publishes his website builders reviews, comparisons, as well as SEO and webdesign-related articles. Feel free to ask him for advice anytime!

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