Zen Cart: How to Configure Store Name, Tax, Language, Currency and Address

In this tutorial, I will teach how you can configure your store’s name, tax, language, currency and address information in Zen Cart.

Every shop needs an address and name to tell customers who they are. So Zen cart also provides the options to adjust store’s name and address. Go to Configuration -> My Store, where you can change the store information for example store name, phone, store address, zone, country and store owner.


In the above screen, you will find interesting and important settings. Here you can define the language the store should be shown. If your shop is multilingual, then you can set the setting to default by using Language Selector option.

In case you want to show your customers how much products a category has, then set Show Category Counts to true. You can also set category products count for admin area by setting Show Category Counts – Admin field to true.

If you want to display tax information with your products then use Display Prices with Tax field to reveal the prices inclusive tax. Also you can select the basis and terms on which the product’s shipping taxes are calculated. It will calculate tax according to country (where store is), destination country (where product is to be shipped) and billing address (the place where the bill will be paid).

There are 3 Sales Tax Display Status options. 0 (Normal Store) field will show the shop in normal mode. 1 (showcase no prices) will display the shop as a showcase where no orders can be placed. 2 (showcase with prices) is a default status where products with prices are displayed.

In the above screen, there is another important setting which is Currency Conversion Ratio. By using this you can easily modify currency exchange rates in Zen Cart. As the bank rate is calculated from the currency-exchange servers, and this ratio will allow to charge extra to customers to analyze the difference between consumer rate and bank rate.

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