How to Configure Regulations and Logging in Zen Cart

In this article, you’ll learn how you can configure regulations and logging in Zen Cart.


Every shop owner should define some regulations or terms & conditions that every customer should follow. You can set the regulations of purchasing products for the customers from your online store. Zen cart also provides this functionality via Configuration -> Regulations setting.

What this option does, after setting the option Confirm Terms and Conditions During Checkout Procedure to true, customer must have to go through this page during the checkout procedure. Sometimes, this page could make angry the customers but this a good way of reminding them your terms and conditions before purchasing any product.

When a customer come to your online store, you also want to store their privacy information, for example, cookies etc. You can set this option via Confirm Privacy Notice During Account Creation Procedure and set it to true.


Logging in Zen Cart helps you to control how events are logged through Configuration -> Logging settings. On this page, you will find following configurations:

Store Database Queries
At some time, you may face some problem with your shop and after setting it to true you can troubleshoot query problems if problem is regarding database queries.

Display The Page Parse Time
Storing your store’s parse time in the log file is a good choice. You can also set it if you need it.

Log Date Format
You can also set log date format via this options. Default format for date is %d%m%y %H:%M:%S.

Log Destination
Via this option you can set the destination or directory of your log file. Default destination is /var/www./zen/page_parse_time.log.

Store Page Parse Time
If you want to monitor your shop’s performance, you can set this option to true. It will store your shop’s any page parse time.

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