How to Get Your Website Noticed?

When your company’s website is focusing on e-commerce and advertising offers to a wide geographical audience that is provided by the internet, it is thoroughly important that people can actually find your website when search keywords.


Making your website easy to find is under the method of search engine optimization or SEO. This process is usually done by a professional service and includes writing out blogs and articles on other websites containing keywords that contain link backs to your website. The more links you have across the internet, boosts your page rank meaning more viewers and potential customers. SEO also uses Meta keywords and Meta descriptions on every page of your website and places in keywords so your site is found. For example, if people are searching ‘website design in the north east’ your website design site should include various keywords across all of your pages in the Meta descriptions such as ‘website’, ‘website design’ website design north east’. The more of these keywords means the higher up you will come on major search engines such as Google and Bing. Getting the ink to your site on others sites is also essential, link backs work perfectly to team up with other sites.

But what can you do? Always make sure you include the address to everything related to your company. Have your website URL on business cards, advertisements and even pencils and coffee mugs. Do everything you can to get your website out there and noticed. You will also know that almost every company in the world are using social media to get their company name spread around. Companies set up Facebook and Twitter accounts to spread across the web. Because social media sites have become so public, it means that your websites and your offers can be shared or ‘liked’ on Facebook and ‘retweeted’ on Twitter so that it can come to other people’s attention. Creating a Google plus page will always help page rank when searching on Google and also even a YouTube channel as it is now linked with Google.

Getting your website noticed and high up on search engines ranking is all good however, before you look into doing this and paying for search engine optimization, make sure that it is actually worth it and your website is well designed and professional looking. By this, what is meant is that there is no point in many people being directed to your site if it doesn’t function very well and gives off a bad first impression.

Duan Lingxin

Duan Lingxin

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