Eight TypeEngine Themes to Customize Your Magazine or Newspaper App


Gone are the days when customers have to endure the lengthy downloads along with the horrible reading experience that PDF and other documents have to offer are over. With the flexibility that TypeEngine Themes have to offer, there is no need to go through that kind of hassle. TypeEngine Themes give you a chance to make your very own magazine or newspaper template once so your content can automatically conform to any device being used to access the app. Even the orientation changes to suit each device. Let us take a look at eight ThemeEngine Themes that will help you create magazine apps that are responsive, easy to maneuver and easy to download.

Boulder TypeEngine Theme



The Boulder TypeEngine Theme has six easy to install, user-friendly templates that offer several features to help you create clear, interesting articles for your magazine. All 6 template designs that Boulder has to offer have been tested on both the iPhone and the iPad. This efficient TypeEngine Theme has detailed instructions on how to install and use the collection of templates that are available.


Surreal TypeEngine Theme



A multipurpose responsive TypeEngine Theme, Surreal is comprised of six different templates for articles with a variety of features to customize your magazine or newspaper. Surreal’s responsive design has been tested and proven to work on any device so you can reach all your subscribers on a monthly or weekly basis. Simple coding makes it easy to install, modify and update this TypeEngine Theme as often as you wish to keep readers coming back for more.


Hi-Heelz TypeEngine Theme



Hi-Heelz, a multi-purpose TypeEngine Theme has a collection of six unique article templates to add variety to your newsstand. In terms of documentation, the comments are detailed so you won’t have a problem obtaining the instructions you need to get this TypeEngine Theme up and running. The instructions have samples so you can play around with the content and a get a feel of how this lovely Hi-Heelz TypeEngine Theme works.


Sigma TypeEngine Theme



If you’re looking for another great option to add some appealing content to your magazine then Sigma is another TypeEngine Theme that you can consider. It has been tested on iPhones and iPads and it works like a charm. Expect clean, clear, readable content when you install and modify this TypeEngine Theme. Documentation is fairly simple so you can customize your content as often as possible to keep your readers on edge.


Huckleberry TypeEngine Theme




The twenty four elegant TypeEngine templates that come with Huckleberry will give you a wide variety of options to design and modify your newsstand for iOS devices. The subtle outline improves readability and still gives you the option to add personalized content so your readers will be intrigued by the layout. This is another TypeEngine Theme that will add luster and beauty to any magazine or newspaper publication.


Blitz TypeEngine Theme



Blitz is another TypeEngine Theme that has six stylish and easy to use article templates to make your newsstand publications exciting. The versatile layout is adaptable to any industry you are targeting so you can reach all your subscribers in an efficient manner. The installation process is made easy with documentation that you can understand. Modify these templates and make use of the great features that this TypeEngine Theme has to offer.


V-Source TypeEngine Theme



V-Source, which is a Responsive Multipurpose TypeEngine Theme, has six stylishly designed article templates, four of which are designed for full width landscape. The two remaining templates are portrait specific, which means this TypeEngine Theme is great for personal magazines, photography, sports among other areas. TheFoundation offcanvas framework 3 and CSS3 techniques were used to create this TypeEngine Theme, and it conforms to the tool’s most recent coding standards.


Magbook TypeEngine Theme



Magbook’s Responsive Multipurpose TypeEngine Theme has a myriad of features that make it perfect for rich content magazines such as those promoting photography and other forms of art. Created with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques, this theme has six stylish article templates that can be easily customized, and the techniques are in accordance with the latest TypeEngine Theme coding standards. Enjoy creating your newspaper and magazine apps, which will be compatible with all iOS devices. The BX responsive slider and several text animations are included to add vibrancy to your newsstand.


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