How to Determine For Replacing a Server or Go to the Cloud?

Following are some suggestions how you can determine or decide for replacing a server or go the the cloud server.


A Server is a dedicated computer setup which provides services to users, from which a user may setup a sequence of steps to authenticate and allow or prohibits others from accessing a network, to interact with database, emails, file transferring, print images, create a gaming environment, hosting a website, run different applications or some other kind of servers.

Servers usually operate within a Client-Server Architecture. These are the computer programs which have been running to serve the requests of the other computer programs.


Advantages of server

A user can get access to his work files from the server from anywhere by logging in to a computer.

Each computer attached to the server can be easily accessed by the attached server to add or remove programs in it.

One can install a software on main server and can save his time by simply copying it to all the other computers attached to it rather than to install that software in each system separately.

Time can be saved by attaching printers, plotters or modems by sharing through a server to any number of systems.

Network manager can allocate a username and password to all the users to try to prevent unauthorized access.

Disadvantages of a server

Besides this, there are some drawbacks in servers as well. If any file or software gets corrupt in server machine then whole system disturbs due to this. Technical skills are very high to manage or to work on a server.

Users can use too much of the storage, which affects the working of server.

If anyone on the system connected to the server opens or use more files at a same time than it hinders the access of other computers to the server.


While on the other hand a new technology in internet world has been launched this is known as “Cloud”.

“Cloud” is referred as a set of hardware, software, networks, storage, services and interface on Internet rather than your computer hardware drive that collectively serves a computer environment more effectively and efficiently at fast speed at any place in the world, which is connected to that cloud environment through internet.

Cloud Servers

Advantages of cloud

It is highly cost efficient technique due to low maintenance and upgrade expenses of different software which one have to buy from market at high price. Now one just has to pay for a cloud environment and can place any number of software there which can be accessible by the any number of devices attached to it.

Cloud has almost unlimited space for data storage hence its very easy to work on it rather than on local servers which run short in space for saving your precious data.

Since data is always place in cloud hence its too much easy to make a backup or recovery because there is no fear to lose your data in any physical hard drive.

Drawbacks of cloud

On the other hand there are some disadvantages of clouding as well which are its technical issues as it is a new technology and its hard to get its experts secondly one should be careful in placing his data on cloud without proper security.


Clouding is much more advance, faster, efficient and new way of accessing data in a network than old heavy, slow, expensive servers.

Meanwhile, one should not waste his time to go with the wind in adopting this marvelous technology in networking.

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