Custom PHP Development and Tools Used to Accomplish it

With prying eyes of competitors looking for an elusive loophole in your technology turf, the relevance of custom PHP has increased manifolds as it allows you to address every hitch with a concreted approach. Ignoring such loopholes can thrust your technology solutions against the wall and it becomes a daunting task to get back up on your feet.

PHP lets you bolster the framework mired with imperfections to make sure that there is no scenario where there is no way. But lending robustness to your service framework comes with a price. Executing applications like ERP and CRM requires you to invest huge resources and time, and when you happen to be representing a small business, there is an uphill task to accomplish. You would want to include everything from acquiring licenses for your products, copyright your offerings, and more.

In order to assist you with this, there are a variety of tools for more result-oriented custom PHP development:

Debugging Tools

Tools like echo, webgrind, DBG, var-dump, DebougBar, Kint, PHP Debugger, MacGDBp, Krumo and Whoops are some of the most popular debugging tools that efficiently perform their function of debugging the errors by detecting the data type to be dumped. These debuggers contain generic data gatherers and analyze the data thoroughly to measure the code performance. Most of these debuggers are well-configured and contain a slew of user-defined functions. Handling errors through these tools makes for one fuss-free task as they provide a user-friendly interface to identify errors. A variety of debuggers help you display data, centering on PHP variables, in a structured manner. Remote debugging is also rendered possible and thus you do have a handy access to the tools and can accomplish error-free execution faultlessly. Locating bugs in the source code is challenging, but you can always seek help from a Software development company to make it a lot easier.

Testing Tools

PHP testing tools are highly sought after to ensure the final application produces the desirous output, without any hitches. While PHPUnit is a recommended tool to perform unit tests, to verify if the codes adhere to the established standards, you can leverage CodeSniffer for best results. The code quality can be further bolstered using PHP Mess Detector. Selenium also proves to be a resourceful testing tool.

Security Tools

Security being a major concern for web development solutions, PHP comes loaded with a number of security tools that make application unapproachable and incomprehensible to hacking algorithms. Tools like PHP-IDS and Secureimage have earned a great reputation in the market that cover all the grey areas in security of the solutions and protect them with utmost precision.

PHP also makes available certain optimizing tools like the PHP Profile Class which takes the application functionality to a different level. The bevy of debugging, testing and security tools makes custom PHP development worth the admission and the price. Whether you are going in for in-house development or for PHP development outsourcing, this state of the art platform lets you boil your website or application boil with features and make the right boast.

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