Cloud Traffic Growth Around The World

The Cloud has been growing at an exponential rate since the early noughties as the development of the Internet went from being document centric via semantic data towards more and more services.

In 2011 the part of the world with the most cloud traffic was North America with 261 Exabyte’s, (EB=1bn Gigabytes) and the lowest being the Middle East and Africa with just 9 Exabyte’s.

The growth that started in the early 2000’s shows no sign of letting up as in just 5 years the aforementioned parts of the world cloud traffic is projected to grow at an astonishing rate. North America is expected to use around 1.1 Zettabyte’s, a Zettabyte is equivalent to 1 billion terabytes, but will be overtaken as the area with the most cloud traffic by Asia Pacific with 1.5 Zettabyte’s!

Although the traffic is not as large in the less developed parts of the world, the actual growth from 2011 to 2016 is expected to be much greater. In fact in we again look at the Middle Easy and Africa’s cloud traffic it is expected to grow from just 9 Eb to 161 Eb in just the 5 years and that a percentage increase of 1689%!

Check out the Infographic for more cool facts!


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