Branding Tips For Health Websites

The design of a health website is extremely important and plays a key role in the number of visitors that come and use the site. A health website must appear professional and patient-friendly in its design. Most other websites would not have the appropriate style or theme for a health website.

Design is particularly important as it gives the first impression to the reader. If, for example, the reader finds the website to be unprofessional, jumbled and just a bit poorly put together, then they will not want to take health advice from there. If the health website is an online pharmacy or doctor service, the aim is to instil confidence in the person using the service and an appropriate website design can help to do this.

Top Tip Number 1: Less Is More

The target audience for a health website is generally for people who are seeking some form of advice on their health. In certain circumstances, people may be in a hurry, rush or panic if they are experiencing some unknown symptoms and may need to get answers quickly. Arranging content in a clear and concise manner should help to do this. It stops the visitor having to scroll through a lot of jumbled information if is de-cluttered, clear and easy to access.

Top Tip Number 2: Make Use of Links

This point links to the first tip. It is a handy way of making things look much better and organised. If more detail is needed on a certain topic, then instead of flooding a shared page, insert a clever link to somewhere else where further information can be displayed.

Top Tip Number 3: Consistency Is Key

The sign of a good website and the thing that separate websites that do okay from websites that do brilliantly is a clear consistent pattern and trend across the entire website. This should include everything, a consistent and well-balanced site really does work wonders for a websites popularity, once the visitor has looked past the home page. This includes things like the content that is available on the site.

For example, if there are four pages to be accessed from the home page, then the entire content of the website should be split fairly evenly between the four links. If this is not the case and nearly 80% of the information is perhaps contained on one of these four links, then it begs the question of either, do the other links need to be there, or does there need to be a lot more additional information on the other pages.

Top Tip Number 4: Neutral, Clean & Clear Fonts, Colours & Styles

It’s a health website, so you need to make it look like one. Try to avoid using overly bright colours and dark backgrounds. As an extreme example, imagine logging onto a website for an online pharmacy that has an entirely black background and red text. Even without a visual demonstration, you can surely visualise that this perhaps isn’t the best way to go for the health website market.

A clean and subtle colour scheme would clearly be more suitable for this genre. Think soft linen bed sheets, light pastel colours and gentle tones as you implement colours into your health site. The style should also be subtle in nature, with soft fonts; it’s not about trying to jump out of the page at the reader in this instance

Top Tip Number 5: Sort Out and Optimise Your Landing Page

This tip is actually applicable to pretty much all websites and is well known, however, it is crucially important. For a health website, the first page that a customer lands on needs to be useful and the visitor needs to be able to clearly navigate. As previously stated, visitors to a health web site may be in a rush and want to find something clear and concise as soon as possible, the landing page should help this.

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