Top 20+ Best WordPress Menu Plugins For Better Navigation

Menus are very important for a website no matter what platform you are using. But I’m talking about WordPress in this article. You can build menus by yourself in WordPress or you can utilize any WordPress menu plugin if you are not an experienced programmer. When you are choosing a WordPress menu plugin, it is very important to ensure that plugin is build according to the WordPress menu system. One more important thing to ensure that is the compatibility.

Good WordPress menu plugins are built with jQuery technology to provide great usability and cross-browser support. When you are searching for a perfect WordPress menu plugin, you will fine two types of plugins. First type is just for enhancing the menu management and page structures in the WordPress admin side and second one is just for improving front-end. So for this article, I have gathered 15 Best and top WordPress Menu Plugins For Better Navigation. Some of the plugins are free and some are premium.

1. Wah-Menu For WordPress

Dockable WordPress Side Menu with pushout sub menu panels. Created to work perfectly on the Ipad browser.

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Wah-Menu For WordPress

2. JQuery Mega Menu Widget

JQuery Mega Menu Widget has menu options including Set Sub Menu to Full Width, Animation Speed, Animation Effect, Skin, Number Items Per Row and Hover/Click.

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JQuery Mega Menu Widget

3. Path Style Menu

Path Style Menu gives you tree view structure of your menu items, control on what post type pages the menu will display, never have to write any js or css code.

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Path Style Menu

4. Responsive Select Menu

Features of Responsive Select Menu include easier navigation for touch screens, takes up less screen, works automatically, width breakpoint, configuration of how many levels and setting up of the text of the first menu item.

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Responsive Select Menu

5. WP Sticky Menu Plugin

WP Sticky Menu Plugin has multiple styles, sticky menu optional panel and flexible sticky menu.

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WP Sticky Menu Plugin

6. UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

UberMenu WordPress Mega Menu Plugin has high quality code, fully widgetized options (image galleries, Google maps, latest posts, contact forms, search bar), advanced features, highly customizable functionality and is easy to use.

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UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

7. UberMenu – Conditionals Extension

This is an extension of UberMenu WordPress Mega Menu Plugin and has predefined conditions like Is Post Type, On 404 Page, On Search Results Page, On any archive page, on an Author archive page, on a single post, not on a page, on a page, if user cannot, if user can, if user is not logged in, if user is logged in and many more conditions.

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UberMenu - Conditionals Extension

8. PBK Mega Menu for WordPress

By using PBD Mega Menu you can enhance menus in a customizable and functional style. You can easily add as much menu items like you add posts.

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PBK Mega Menu for WordPress

9. Mega Main Menu – WordPress Menu Plugin

Awesome wordpress menu plugin. Features: icons, sticky, mega dropdowns variations, custom skins, fully customizable. You can place any content in dropdowns: links, text, images, widgets and shortcodes. Custom dropdowns so easy with “Mega Main Menu”.

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Mega Main Menu - WordPress Menu Plugin

10. STRIPE – A lightweight menu plugin for WordPress

STRIPE is a simple 2-level menu plugin WordPress, designed to add a little life to your site’s header. Once activated, the menu will scroll along with the page so it would be visible at all times, making it a great place to insert important links to.

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11. Flexi Menu WordPress Plugin

Flexi Menu is a wordpress navigation plugin Includes 5 Different Fully Customizable Menu Types ( Flyout Menu, WideMenu, WideMenu + Descriptions, WideMenu + Images, Verical Menu )
Lists Categories as Menu Item
Selectable Search Forms, Includes Your Theme’s Form or Flexi Menu’s Customizable Search Form

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Flexi Menu WordPress Plugin - CodeCanyon Previewer 2013-12-15 17-08-54

12. DHMENU – Mega Menu Responsive And Sliding Menu

This is user-friendly, highly customizable, responsive mega menu WordPress plugin. It works independently of the WordPress system menu. With this plugin, your site has a beautiful mega menu , user friendly, responsive or create sliding your menu in mobile apps.

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DHMENU - Mega Menu Responsive And Sliding Menu

13. ScrollNav – Scroll to Top, Sliding Menu, Search WP

ScrollNav is a wordpress mega menu plugin. It is designed to improve user navigation in a web page using a circular button that contains different functions

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ScrollNav - Scroll to Top, Sliding Menu, Search WP

14. WP Nav Menu Breadcrumbs

With this plugin you can create breadcrumbs based on your WP Nav Menu. How awesome is that!

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WP Nav Menu Breadcrumbs

15. MOBILE.NAV – Responsive menu plugin

MOBILE.NAV wordpress menu plugin – The easy to use mobile and responsive navigation menu plugin for WordPress.

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MOBILE.NAV - Responsive menu plugin

16. Iconize WordPress Plugin

Iconize is a WordPress plugin for adding vector icons to posts, pages, menu items and widget titles visually, using simple and easy to use modal dialog.

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Iconize WordPress Plugin

17. Navigation Menu Widget

This is a wordpress navigation plugin that gives you total control over the output of your menus. Support shortcodes, widget and template function.

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Navigation Menu Widget

18. PBK Mega Menu for WordPress

PBK Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress is your easy way to add a functional and customizable Mega Menu to your WordPress website. This is simple and easy-to-use wordpress mega menu plugin.

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PBK Mega Menu for WordPress

19. WP Sticky Menu Plugin

Sticky WordPress Menu Plugin is a easy to manage and very flexible sticky menu. Your able to use it on top of any theme as an extra menu to provide extra content for your visitors or customers.

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WP Sticky Menu Plugin


20. Customizable WordPress Restaurant Menu

WordPress Restaurant Menu is perfect for small to large restaurant websites that want to display a menu to their website visitors. This wordpress navigation plugin allows administrators to quickly create menus, sub-menus, and add food items, descriptions, prices and special prices to these items.

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Customizable WordPress Restaurant Menu

21. niceMenu – WordPress Plugin

niceMenu – WordPress Plugin is a new way to slide between multiple level huge menu.

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niceMenu - WordPress Plugin

22. WordPress Page Tree

If you want to quickly overview of your administration section pages, then WordPress page tree will help you via a common expand/collapse menu.

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WordPress Page Tree

23. Admin Menu Tree Page View

Through Admin Menu Tree Page View you can add link to view page directly from admin menu, add pages directly after or inside another post, view the page hierarchy, view all your pages and change the order of your pages with drag and drop interface.

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Admin Menu Tree Page View

24. JQuery Vertical Mega Menu Widget

JQuery Vertical Mega Menu Widget allows you to create a widget that will generate fly out vertical mega menus. Widget options include skins, animation speed, animation direction, animation effect and number items per row.

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JQuery Vertical Mega Menu Widget

25. PixoPoint Menu Plugin

PixoPoint Menu Plugin has up to two menus, animation dropdown menus, easy to use interface for changing the design and controlling of content in the menu.

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PixoPoint Menu Plugin

26. Advanced Menu Widget

Advanced Menu Widget features include custom class for a widget block, displaying of only direct path to current element, displaying all menu items starting with the selected one, starting depth and maximum level to display “+” flat display and custom hierarchy.

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Advanced Menu Widget

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    Does anyone know of a menu plug-in enabling a “custom link” menu item to be editable (url in html).

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    I need to control the content of an iframe and would rather do this with a simple menu in a sidebar than design a pseudo “sidebar” with custom links hardcoded in a simple text field. That way, no need to edit the page. I would just need to edit the menu.

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