20 Best and Free Social Networking Applications For iPhone & iPad

Social networking service gives us the ability to share our real life connections, interests etc. Typically, every social network service helps the user to create profile and share their interests to the world.

Now we have the large social network platforms including Facebook, Wretch, Weibo, Renren, Orkut, Mixi, Cyworld, Mixit, LAGbook, Hi5, XING, Tagged, Tuenti, The Sphere, Skyrock, Nasza-Klasa, iWiW, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+. In this article, I’m presenting 20 Best Social Networking Applications For iPhone & iPad.

1. Facebook


Via Facebook app you can play games, text, chat and group conversations, share photos & videos and see what friend are up to. Newer version has news feed section and new ways to chat to the friends.

2. Chat for Google Talk

Chat for Google Talk

Chat for Google Talk is specially designed to communicate with your friends on iPod, iPhone and iPad. Features include: Send/receive photos, chat emotions, easy chat switching, auto sign in, privacy protection, customizable chatting background and much more.

3. Voto


By using voto you can share your thoughts with your closet friends while shopping. Voto has features including: unlimited uploads & voting, see where your friends have voted, filter by category search, activity feed, push notifications, one click signup and quickly find all your friends via Instagram.

4. Twitter


Twitter allows you to follow your interests and people to get unique behind the scenes perspectives. You can get real time inspiration, ideas, conversations, videos, pictures and stores in one place.

5. FriendCaller Video Chat

FriendCaller Video Chat

FriendCaller Video Chat is free platform for rich media messaging and multi-party video chart. It provides texting/sms, group messaging, calls, video conferencing and calls. You can also use it on your desktop browser.

6. PrivateMSG for WhatsApp

PrivateMSG for WhatsApp

Send and receive messages iMessage, email WhatsApp and SMS wherever you want. Do you have an affair and do you want to keep in secret your conversations? Your couple never will know about it. If you want to share secrets, bank account numbers and passwords then PrivateMsg is here with a strong privacy.

7. Skype


Join over 250 million users on skype, enjoy free video calls & free voice chat to your friends. You can send your photos via iPhone’s skype to family & friends.

8. AYI


Now you can chat and meet with thousands of people by using AYI. You can register with Facebook or email address, view your matches and find out who likes you, browse date ideas posted by locals, discover new people and browse photos of individuals in your area.

9. KakaoStory


You can talk and share about your daily life stories with your friends on KakaoTalk. It’s a true social networking application of iPhone & iPad and easy to use.

10. Vine


Share and see your life in motion with Vine. You can create beautiful and looping videos in an easy way for your family & friends to see.

11. eBuddy XMS

eBuddy XMS

Now unlimited messaging with eBuddy XMS for smartphones. Message could be anything emoticons, videos, pictures, text etc.

12. FREE Calls & Text by Mo+

FREE Calls & Text by Mo+

Now text or call to any number in the United States and Canada is free with Mo+. As long you have internet access, texting and free phone calls are just at your fingertips. Free texting and calls are only in North America.

13. iFML F My Life!

iFML F My Life

iFML application is based on the website fmylife.com where people tell humorous anecdotes of how f’ up their life is. You can also vote, comment, read and moderate many FMLs straight from your iPhone/iPod Touch.

14. Pinterest


Now you can find your inspiration and share it with other on your iPhone/iPad touch. You can ping with your camera, get inspiration from food, travel etc, explore brands & pins and pin images from around the web easily.

15. JustUnfollow


JustUnfollow is a tracker application for Twitter which helps you to find those who unfollow you and unfollow them back as well as find new followers and follow them.

16. Find My Friends

Find My Friends

You can locate your family and friends with Find My Friends on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. You can easily add a friend by sending a simple request to see where they are.

17. Bobsled Calling – unlimited free calling

Bobsled Calling - unlimited free calling

In Canada, US and Puerto Rico you make unlimited calls with Bobsled Calling.

18. Bump


Bump allows you to share files, photos, contacts, and sync devices. This app is designed to share information by bumping two phones together.

19. Klip Video Sharing

Klip Video Sharing

Now you can see what your friends are talking about and share video updates via Klip app. The app has 10 stunning video effects for creating beautiful videos. Via Klip, you can share videos to other social networks, create photo slideshows, import videos from camera roll, preview videos, get real time updates when friends post videos and much more.

20. Formspring


You can share your ideas and perspective on anything via Formspring app. It already has tons of images, questions and fun opinions.

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