Best Ideas to Create Great WordPress Applications

WordPress is the best blogging and influential platform for beginners and geeks. But, we are mostly using it for blogging. However, WordPress can be used in some creative ways. But the question may arise, whey we should build something creative? WordPress is a not a blank paper for our funny dreams because it is a blogging engine. In my point of view, it is really a blank paper. No matter, it is equipped with pre-defined features, so it is quite versatile and simple out of the box. Following are the some best ideas to create great WordPress applications, you might find these ideas useful and interesting.

Create Auction Website in WordPress

Create Auction Website in WordPress

Yeah, it is possible to build auction websites in WordPress. You must have the knowledge you use WordPress core for auction website, but you can also get help from some WordPress auction plugins. Following are the plugins you might find useful.

WP Auctions
WordPress Auction Plugin
WordPress Bidding Plugin
WP Auctions – Auction Plugin for WordPress

Create a Social Bookmarking Service

You can build social bookmarking service application in WordPress like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon etc for letting down the people to share their content, ideas and even voting system. It will be brilliant to have a social bookmarking website in WordPress. WP Social Bookmarking may be a way to start.

Create a Job Board in WordPress

Create a Job Board in WordPress

You can achieve one thing nicely from WordPress and that is to build community. You can utilize that community service to provide information and job listings. Try the following plugins to start.

WP Job Manager
WordPress Job Board Plugin
WP Job Hunter
WordPress Jobbin
WP Jobboard Pro – Premium WordPress Plugin

Create a WordPress Invoicing System

Do you run a freelancing type business with your existing WordPress website? Why not you should also integrate billing system as well? Following are the plugins that will let you to track outstanding invoices, accept payment and bill customers within your existing website.

WP-Invoice – Web Invoice and Billing
Invoice King Pro
WooCommerce Print Invoices & Delivery Notes
WP PRO Invoicing System

Create a News Aggregator in WordPress

Create a News Aggregator in WordPress

I will advise not to steal content from other people’s websites when you are making a WordPress News Aggregator application. But people can find required news from the required section from your website when done well and properly. Check out the following plugins for help:

WP RSS Aggregator
Syndicate Press
WP News Aggregator

Create Forums in WordPress

Most prominent feature of a website is to have a forum. A forum gives opportunity to the visitors to ask or discuss anything with the ability to see the content. Support services is the key factor to make forums popular because such kind of services decreases call or email volume by just letting people to find the solution to their issues instantly. Checkout the following plugins:

DZS Support Tickets / Forums – WordPress Plugin
Groups Forums
vBulletin Connector

Create a Twitter Clone in WordPress

Create a Twitter Clone in WordPress

For now, I didn’t see any addon for creating a Twitter clone in WordPress. But this is an idea and wildest dream. It is possible to built a Twitter clone with WordPress. Because it could be interesting and useful for people to chat and share information publicly.

Create a Membership Directory in WordPress

A membership directory in WordPress will allow you to communicate with members similar to a contact manager. So what you will have to do is to build a sign up forum and profile management system. This strategy could open a world of pay for membership opportunities. Following are the WordPress membership plugins for your help.

Paid Memberships Pro
User Profiles Made Easy – WordPress Plugin
PrivateContent – Multilevel Content Plugin
WordPress Guest Posting Plugin
WP Premium Members + Pre Advertisements admin

Create Image Sharing Website in WordPress

There is a possibility to build image sharing website in WordPress and one example you can find is “ffffound“.┬áCheck Slingpic plugin, it has some kind of similar functionality.

Create URL Aggregator Website in WordPress

Create URL Aggregator Website in WordPress

I really need such kind of website. Some of the services which provide URL Aggregator functionality are AllTop and PopURL. These sites just grab the headlines and URL from RSS feeds and publish the content after moderation.

Create a WordPress Wiki Website

Wiki platform is very famous because of sites like “Wikipedia”. They provide user moderated and original content to the audience. It is also possible to create Wikipedia like website in WordPress. Following is the list of some WordPress Wiki Plugins:

WordPress Wiki

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