Best Applications of Google Chrome At Work

Many of us have different applications installed in our PCs, phones and tablets that might be helpful in doing our office work. But there are some chrome applications which are really suitable for working with ease and in a managed way.

Google chrome’s application are easily available at its application store online, you can choose a free product or can buy one as well. All depends on the type of application and the nature of work you are interested in doing.

These applications that I am going to introduce here in are going to help you work efficiently and with a lots of ease in your daily routine office work.

No. 1: Google Drive

Google Drive Logo

First and foremost in our list is the Google drive application. It is one of the highly appreciated and downloaded applications of the Google application store. This application helps you in storing and sharing your work with your colleagues and clients both at the same time. You can share your documents, slides and presentation all with others through this application. It also allows the bearer to edit and remove files being saved on the applications.

And the best thing about this application is that as user you can access you data and make changes in it even outside your working environment!

No. 2: Gmail


The mailing service of Google is out there now from a long time. It was one of the very first emailing websites which allowed the users to save their emails in a bigger and better space limit related to others. Now it has gotten to a bigger cloud storage which helps you in keeping more data in your email account.

No. 3: Gmail Offline

gmail offline

Along with using Gmailonline, the facility of working of line on Gmail is also present. This application helps in managing and composing ones email offline. You can compose your email and can send them when you will be connected internet. Gmail offline also helps in the management of your emails. It has a view similar to that of g mail so one can use it easily due to familiarity.

No. 4: Digital Clock

google digital desktop

Another application called the Digital Clock which was introduced by the portal your-clock .com is an amazing application. After installing this application your phone or computer you can choose the clock to be set on your desktop. It’s visible and bigger digital numbers along with vibrant colours are observable from distance also. One can easily roam in his office and can take a look at the screen to know the time, thus, keeping track of it!

No. 5: Pandora

google pandora

Finally, the application known as Pandora is a radio application we have in our list. It works as a customized radio application which plays the songs of your favorite singers.  When you select an album or singer it customizes itself and can play a variety of songs of the same type you’ve chosen. It can remember up to one hundred channels and is thought to be a must for music lovers. People who like listening to s songs while working would be delighted to have this application installed.

Duan Lingxin

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