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5 Most Resourceful Apps And Programs To Help Your Planning

Being resourceful and productive can be very difficult particularly if you do not have the right programs or plans to keep you in line. Over the years, there are so many apps or programs that have been developed to help in the efficient planning of our day to day life. Well, if you have been …

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Top Free Android Apps

Android holds a large collection of third party applications, available on the Amazon App Store, Google Play or third-party websites. Here we’re going to share top free Android apps. These best free apps for android are from different categories such as: Books & Reference, Business, Comics, Communication, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Lifestyle, Music & Audio etc. …

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First Aid

15 Free Android Medical Applications

Here we are sharing 15 Free Android Medical Applications. With these medical android applications you can check your blood pressure & sugar, get medicine directory, over 1000 disease information, drugs dictionary, hair fall solution and much more. Check these out.   Medscape Medscape is the leading android application for medical students, physicians, nurses and other …

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10 Free Android Educational Applications

Education means a form of learning process in which the habits, skills and knowledge of a community of people are transferred from one generation to the next generation via research, training, teaching etc. If anything effects your mind in the manner that you think you have learned something from any experience may be considered as …

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12 Free Android Transportation Applications

In terminology, we refer transportation as the movement of goods, animals, people etc from one place to another. We can also use Android transportation applications which deliver robust execution capabilities and planning to third party logistics providers and shippers. With Android transportation applications, we discover locations via GPS, book tickets, hire taxi etc. Here, I’m …

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MobileLife Widget for Phones

15 Free Android Widgets

Widgets are the good feature of Android platform. Widgets are a type of application that display information directly from the phone’s home screen. Android widgets are very different from Windows Phone’s live tiles because of Android’s interactiveness. Almost every Android applications are packaged with widgets. But if you want a pure widget, you can get …

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20 Best and Free Social Networking Applications For iPhone & iPad

Social networking service gives us the ability to share our real life connections, interests etc. Typically, every social network service helps the user to create profile and share their interests to the world. Now we have the large social network platforms including Facebook, Wretch, Weibo, Renren, Orkut, Mixi, Cyworld, Mixit, LAGbook, Hi5, XING, Tagged, Tuenti, …

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Top 15 Health & Fitness Applications for iPhone and iPad

In this article, I’m going to share  top 15 health & fitness applications for iPhone and iPad. Check this out and be healthy. 1. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker is the easiest and fastest calorie counter. It has a large database of foods with calorie information. By using …

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Top 10 Free Windows Mobile Entertainment Applications

Like other mobile platforms, Windows mobile platform also has app store owned by Microsoft. You can easily search (Free to Commercial) and download applications that have been developed by other developers. In this article, I gathered a list of top 10 windows mobile entertainment applications. Let’s check this out. 1. Flixster If you want to …

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