7 Most Popular WordPress Booking Plugin in 2022

In this Digital age, whether you manage a beauty salon or a restaurant, you want to make bookings online as simple as possible for your clients. Maintaining an online booking website, on the other hand, is not as simple.

Thankfully, we have WordPress to assist us. With over 50,000 plugins in the repository and a slew of additional commercial plugins, you can quickly create nearly any form of website. Furthermore, a booking website is not an exception.

I’ve compiled a list of the best 5 WordPress appointment booking plugins so you can effortlessly maintain an online booking platform for your services.


My Hand-picked 5 WordPress Booking Plugin:

  1. BookingPress
  2. Segenda
  3. WP Hotel Booking
  4. MotoPress Hotel Booking Plugin
  5. Bookly
  6. Bookings
  7. Appointment Calendar

Let’s explore one-by-one.


BookingPress WordPress Plugin is a unique online booking plugin worth considering if you’re in the market for an appointment booking plugin. With a user-friendly design, you can simply book appointments with online or offline payment for any service or business.

BookingPress Plugin is a solution for many of the critical functions that this plug-in automates. Also, it provides email alerts to ensure that you don’t miss anything.

It integrates easily with an eCommerce store and is capable of supporting many business locations. You may create and administer it directly from the dashboard, without the need for a third-party plugin.


Key Features:

  • The UI and UX are excellent
  • Easily integrate your website
  • Configuration options that are simple and quick
  • Calendar view for appointment management.
  • Paypal is a widely used form of online payment.
  • Translation ready
  • Support of gutenberg and elementor
  • A truly handy dashboard for tracking your business’s performance.
  • Customizable email notifications
  • Built-in anti-spam feature without captcha


Segenda is a free appointment plugin for WordPress that enables you to add online booking capabilities into your website. This plugin allows you to have an unlimited amount of bookings and clients at no cost.

Segenda allows consumers to select the time and date of their appointments. Additionally, unlike other plugins, this one does not display advertisements, so you won’t have to worry about annoying advertising floating around on your page.

Users can configure this plugin to accept payments by PayPal or a credit card.


WP Hotel Booking

As the plugin’s name suggests, it is solely for hotel bookings and reservations. This WordPress booking plugin is a premium service that allows hotel owners to accept online bookings. It develops visually appealing lodging options and enables rapid internet booking.

Not only may the plugin be used for hotels, but also for bed & breakfasts, apartments, and hostels. The plugin is suitable for hotel owners who are so preoccupied with managing their hotels and services that they lack the time necessary to manually handle their bookings.

The best aspect is that this plugin does not require any technical knowledge to install. With a few simple clicks, you may install and configure this plugin through shortcodes.


Key Features:

  • Online availability search form
  • Specifics regarding accommodation
  • Calendar of bookings
  • Pricing variation by season
  • Rates vary
  • Monthly and weekly rates
  • Multiple accommodations reservations

MotoPress Hotel Booking Plugin

MotoPress Hotel Booking Plugin is a comprehensive solution for managing all hotel reservations and listings.

It is used to make reservations for hotels, apartments, hostels, and bed and breakfast establishments. Therefore, if you want to rent hotel rooms on a WordPress website without having to jump through hoops, the Hotel Booking Plugin can handle all of your booking needs.

Customers will be able to look for rooms in real time using it. Additionally, they will be able to browse dates and times and confirm availability before making the booking.

Administrators of websites can add information on accommodations such as photos, bed sizes, internet access, and other hotel amenities.



Bookly is a scheduling and booking plugin for WordPress. It provides fully configurable booking forms that accept online payments, send email notifications, and integrate with Google calendars.


Additionally, the plugin includes customer assistance to ensure that any issues you encounter are remedied swiftly. Additionally, the plugin is optimised for mobile, since it effortlessly interacts with mobile devices and enables your clients to make appointments on the go.

Bookly is incredibly simple to configure, thanks to its intuitive admin panel. Additionally, you will receive reminders on your mobile device and via email following each scheduled session.

Additionally, the plugin supports many languages, ensuring that clients from any area of the world can simply make appointments.

Bookly is also compatible with a variety of payment systems, and its integration with Google Calendars and WooCommerce makes it one of the best WordPress booking plugins available.



Bookings is another robust plugin that enables you to incorporate online booking capabilities into your WordPress website smoothly.

Customers can use it to verify the availability of your services and goods before booking a reservation.

Administrators of websites might impose blackout periods and restrict bookings. Additionally, they can specify a minimum and maximum time period based on pre-resource availability. The administrator can control an endless amount of resources via the admin panel, which can be turned on and off.


Appointment Calendar

Appointment Calendar is a powerful booking plugin for WordPress. It makes no difference if you are a doctor, lawyer, beautician, or any other type of service provider; this plugin will allow you to add online booking capability into your website.

The plugin supports multiple languages. From the WordPress admin panel, you can easily change your booking calendar.

It notifies website administrators when an online booking is accomplished. Additionally, it restricts appointments to specified periods of the day.

Final Words

Having an internet presence for your business might help you expand your reach and prospective consumer pool. That, however, is insufficient. You should give customers a platform via which they can easily make appointments for your service.

The WordPress appointment plugins discussed in this post are ideal for quickly and easily constructing an online booking website.

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