Top 10 HTML5 jQuery 3D Plugins

In computer graphics, 3D is used to rendering 2D images and performing calculations in 3D. There are three phases of 3D computer graphics: 3D rendering, layout and animation, and 3D modeling. HTML5 and jQuery also uses  3D products like: geo location, viewers, video background, earth viewer, photo galleries, banners etc. Following is the list of HTML5 jQuery 3D plugins.


1. CCSlider – jQuery 3d Slideshow Plugin

CCSlider is an unique jQuery slideshow plugin. It supports 3d transitions! There are 14 stunning 3d transitions available, and also 16 stylish 2d transitions. You have the option for mentioning a 2d transition fallback for old browsers that don’t support HTML5 Canvas, which is used for producing the 3d transitions.

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Screenshot 2015-04-27 09.20.42

2. Snow 3D – Christmas jQuery Plugin

There are over 200 types of snowflakes, control of any speed and direction available for your choice!Just install and enjoy beautiful winter on your page!

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Screenshot 2015-04-27 09.25.21

3. UtilCarousel Responsive jQuery Carousel Plugin

UtilCarousel is a fully responsive jQuery carousel plugin with super smooth hardware accelerated transitions.It is responsive witch support both ‘breakpoints’ and ‘itemwidthrange’.

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Screenshot 2015-04-27 09.27.51

4. Real 3D FlipBook – responsive jQuery plugin

Real 3D FlipBook responsive jQuery plugin features the most realistic paper animation, real 3D effects, responsive design, 3 flip animation types, customize-able menu, 3 skins and much more.

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Real 3D FlipBook - responsive jQuery plugin

5. HTML5 Photo Gallery – Resizable Album Grid XML

HTML5 Photo Gallery is a fluid 3D gallery plugin. There is amazing performance for mobile device using CSS3.

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HTML5 Photo Gallery - Resizable Album Grid XML

6. Earth Viewer

With this amazing HTML5 globe, you can travel around the world, in a matter of seconds. Show your points-of-interest with ease. You will enjoy over 30 configurable options.

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Earth Viewer

7. Client Side Calendar

Client Side Calendar plugin doesn’t need server side stuff, everything is stored locally in browser’s storage. Keep track of your daily activities with this simple calendar plugin powered by HTML5 and jQuery.

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Client Side Calendar

8. Ultimate 3D Carousel

ltimate 3D Carousel is perfect for any kind of presentation, for anyone that wants to deliver a great impact on their visitors.

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Ultimate 3D Carousel

9. HTML5 3D Geolocation

Monitor your visitor’s geolocation with HTML5 3D Geolocation plugin. The package contains a 2D static version and a 3D animated version.

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HTML5 3D Geolocation

10. STL3D Viewer

We use STL format to represent 3D object information for 3D printing applications. Before printing it visualize your object model.

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STL3D Viewer

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