20 Free & Premium Joomla Themes 2015

This spring may seem that everyone is outside, enjoying good weather and airing their blouses and shorter pants. However, it doesn’t tell on how often people look for goods and services on the Internet, as this is the most convenient way to get what you need.

We bet you should consider a spring redesign for your site, as it really makes a huge difference, whether people see an outdated page with crummy layout and lame typography, or land on a top-notch website that amazes with every click.

In this post we want to share with you 20 free & premium Joomla themes that will work for different kinds of enterprises in pursuit of greatness. Premium website themes of this package have just been released this spring and have a blast of power in them. All of them are armored with latest technological innovations, such as new-gen Parallax slider, LazyLoad effect that speeds up your site, animated gallery and interactive frontpage slider. No doubt, the templates are fully responsive and bring you a perfect look on screens of different resolutions and in all popular browsers.

These 20 free & premium Joomla themes run on CMS, which is one of the most popular website engines so far. It brings you a lot of options to configure in admin panel, so that you can practically define every pixel of your site. It allows you to easily upload media, create posts and modules and place them where needed. We’ve also included some free templates for you to try out, how it all works. Download one of them and see how easy it is to get a professionally executed website with one of the themes.

A perfect website is within your reach this year. Save your time and effort with one of these 20 free & premium Joomla themes, and it will become an accelerator of your financial success!

Sparkling Webdesign Projects Joomla Theme

 Design Studio Responsive Joomla Template

Details |Demo

Comfort of Your Home: Interiors Free Joomla Template

 Interior & Furniture Free Joomla Template

Download now

Preserving the Beauty of Earth: Environmental Responsive Joomla Website

 Environmental Responsive Joomla Template

Details |  Demo

Fields for Rich Crops: Joomla Site for Agriculture

 Agriculture Joomla Theme

Details |  Demo

Driving Enterprise Success: Investment Agency Joomla Template

 Investment Consultancy Joomla Template

Details |  Demo

Your Style on Wheels Free Joomla Site Design

 Free Joomla Car Template

Download now

Crunching Veggies: Organic Food & Drinks Joomla Theme

 The Best Organic Products Joomla Template

Details |  Demo

Warmth of Sincere Songs: Radio Station Joomla Website

 Radio Joomla Template

Details |  Demo

Minimalism Interior Projects Responsive Joomla Site

 Interior & Furniture Responsive Joomla Template

Details |  Demo

Recipe of Best Holiday Stay Responsive Joomla Site Design

 Cozy Vacation Joomla Template

Details |  Demo

Experts of Enterprise Growth Free Joomla Template

 Free Joomla-powered Template for Business Website

Download now

Fast Banking Services Responsive Joomla Theme

 Trustworthy Financial Institutions Joomla Template

Details |  Demo

Handling All Road Situations: Towage Services Joomla Website

 Automobile Towage Joomla Template

Details |  Demo

Best Conditions for Lamb Growth: Joomla Site for a Sheep Farm

 Sheep Farming Joomla Template

Details |  Demo

Wise Management Advice Responsive Joomla Design

 Management Services Joomla Template

Details |  Demo

Winning Color Sets: Interior Design Free Joomla Theme

 Free Joomla Interior Theme

Download now

Resourceful Knowledge-center: High School Joomla Template

 Education Centre Joomla Template

Details |  Demo

Game of Strategy: Golf Facilities Responsive Joomla Website

 Golf Responsive Joomla Template

Details |  Demo

Trimmed to Perfection: Lawn Mowing Joomla Site

 Lawn Styling Joomla Template

Details |  Demo

Subtlety of Fine Cuisine: Restaurant Responsive Joomla Site Design

 Cafe And Restaurant Joomla Template

Details |  Demo

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