Zen Cart: How to Configure Email Options in Zen Cart

In this tutorial, you will learn how you can configure email options in Zen Cart for sending emails to customers.

Emails are sent to the customers who subscribe to newsletters and other kind of product notifications. For example, when a customer registers to your shop or places an order for the products, they receive an email. Emails can be sent from time to time to notify the customers about the products. Zen cart provides you the option through Configuration -> Email Options to configure these options as you want. According to your shop’s requirement, you have to configure the following options:

Email Transport Method

Here you provide the information whether you want to use local connection or SMTP connection through TCP/IP when sending emails. These settings are applicable if your server is running of MacOS or Windows. You use SMTPAUTH when your server requires SMTP authorization for sending emails. SMTPAUTH configuration is required by using appropriate fields. You can set Sendmail -f for the servers which allows the use of this parameter. By default, the field is sendmail and it will work ok on Linux servers.

MIME HTML for Sending Emails

By default this option is set to false, but you set to true if you want to send emails in HTML format.

Send Copy of Configuration Emails To

You use this option if you want to send copy of confirmations emails to specific email address. This options is for large stores, because the store may be handled by many persons. But if your shop is small, you won’t need this options.

SMTP Email Account Mailbox

If you want to use SMTPAUTH as email sending mechanism, you should put email account’s SMTP mailbox name there.

SMTP Email Mail Server Port

In this option, you put your IP’s port number generally you use 25 because SMTP server operates on it. You have to set this option if you are using SMTPAUTH for email transport mechanism.

SMTP Email Mail Host

In this option, you provide your DNS’s name of your SMTP mail server like that mail.nameofyourdomain.com. As I mentioned above, you have to set this option if you are using SMTPAUTH for email transport mechanism.

SMTP Email Account Password

Here you put your SMTP mailbox’s password and it is also required if you are using SMTPAUTH.

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