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Posted by on Mar 9, 2014 in Wordpress Plugins | 0 comments

wpDataTables – Best WordPress Responsive Editable Tables Plugin

wpDataTables – Best WordPress Responsive Editable Tables Plugin

Are you in need to place a table on your WordPress site, but you are confused by doing HTML layout, or not satisfied with standard table look? Would you like just to upload your Excel file to WordPress and have the same table online, without any further problems? Would you like your table to be searchable, paginated, able to export data in different formats? Do you need to display table data both on desktop and mobile devices?

There is a solution – wpDataTables is the plugin which will do the job for you!
wpDataTables Premium Responsive Table plugin is used more then on a 1000 of WordPress sites all over the world, and growing. It is perfect for:

  • Searchable price list tables and catalogs, see example:
  • Front-end AJAX-based rendering of large datasets that have several thousands of records, see example and video tutorial:
  • Any kind of tables which should be responsive, check out the demo:
  • Catalogs, or other tables that should be editable from the front-end, see demo:

Choose any data source format

Whatever you’re used to – MySQL, CSV, PHP array, JSON or XML – wpDataTables can accept all of these formats to render data in the front-end.

Easy and intuitive admin interface

Admin panel is made to be easy to use even if you have no wish to read or watch any tutorials. Just upload the file, check a couple of checkboxes if you want, and copy the shortcode to your WordPress page – and your table is online!

Responsive and customizable look

Whenever you’re not satisfied with the default table styling you don’t need to browse and edit CSS files – you can just use built-in colorpickers and font pickers to set the table design. If you set the checkbox for table to be responsive it will collapse some of the columns on tablets or mobiles (you define which columns need to be shown or hidden on these) and show this data to the user if he clicks on the expand icon.

How to use the plugin

Installation and activation process are the same as for any WordPress plugin: you upload the plugin to your WordPress plugin directory, then activate it. After it you get the wpDataTables section in your WP admin panel.

Step 1: Creating a table

Choose “Add a new table” in the WP Admin menu, or in the tables overview header.


Set the table parameters: table name, table data source (MySQL, Excel file, CSV file, or something else). If you choose a CSV or Excel file you need to upload it, if you want to show results of MySQL query, you need to put it in the input field.


You can also define additional table parameters on this step: whether you want to show advanced filters below each column,  to show buttons for exporting data to CSV, whether you want to enable the pagination, how many rows do you want to show on one table page, do you want the table to be responsive or not, whether to choose server-side processing, and others.

After that you can click “Save table“, and the step 1 is finished.

Step 2: Setting column properties

This step is really not mandatory – but for each column you can define a different name that will be used instead of the real column header; set the column type – to handle the data as a number, string, date; set the column filter type if advanced filter is enabled – each column can be filtered by a text input, number ranges, date ranges, checkboxes, or selectbox dropdowns. You can hide each column if you like.

Also you can change the displaying order of the columns by just dragging and dropping them.


After you do this, just click “Save columns”, and step 2 is complete.

Step 3: Publishing the table

You will see a table shortcode in the admin page header part. Just copy and paste it to your WordPress post or page, and save it – the table will appear on your site front-end.

See demo, detailed video and text tutorial:

Lifetime support and free updates

Everyone who purchased wpDataTables gets a right for free lifetime updates, even if the price have raised; also authors provide detailed support for all customers that have some trouble with using it.

Plugin has really good rates and reviews on CodeCanyon, following is a couple of quotes from reviews:

Awesome product! This is a great solution to have polished and highly functional spreadsheets on a website. I had a little trouble with something and requested support- Alexander was very helpful and nice to communicate with. Highly recommended product!”
yidalin, 5 stars

great value for money; author keeps coming with great new updates and additional features even when v1.0 is almost 1 year ago; good communication skills (keeps customers posted when he is on holidays); friendly and well structured replies to support mails. Great job on this script. Big Thanks Alexander!!!
eliano, 5 stars

I have uttermost respect for those coders who not only make original and useful plugins, most most importantly keep them updated and keep on added features. The last update with the responsive design was something I was looking for for a while, now it’s here! no tweaking needed. Great plugin, great job. Keep up the good work.
obidancer, 5 stars


The plugin was first published in 2013, and it is being permanently developed over time; started by just one developer it is now a product of collaborate work of a crew of developers and designers. New features are being added every month or two, and the price is growing proportionally, so if you purchase now, you get more features in the future for smaller price. So hurry! 🙂

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