20 wordpress templates compatible with wp3.6

Designing a website is always a lot of work. You need to create the concept, the structure, experiment with the look – and only then draw the designs and develop a template, based on them.

Sometimes you simply don’t have the time and money it takes to custom-design a theme, or don’t have a clear idea what your website needs, but are sure you’ll know it when you see it. In both cases, your best option is a predesigned template: you will see the exact way your website will look and will be able to launch the new web page in just a few days.

To help you with that, we have selected twenty out-of-the-box designs for WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems for various types of websites.

Get a Predesigned WordPress Theme To:

Revamp Your Website in No Time

The themes are ready for installation, so you will have your new website ready in a matter of days – depending on how personalized you want the theme to be.

Save Money

The prices are very affordable, especially as compared with the cost of a custom-created design. With a ready-made template you save not only time, but also hundreds of dollars!

Be Mobile-Compatible

A modern website must be mobile-friendly: each day the number of mobile Internet users is growing, so you want a website that looks equally good on a big display and the screen of a smartphone. With one of responsive WordPress themes, it’s easy to achieve.

Get a Customizable Design With Licensed Pics

When you buy a theme, all images it uses are included, and you also get a license to use them on your web page. But if you want to replace the pictures – no problem, the templates are easily personalized to meet your needs.

Get Support from the Biggest Designs Resource

These twenty themes – as well as hundreds of others – are brought to you by TemplateMonster.com, the biggest provider of design themes for WordPress and other content management systems. Along with the big choice of templates, you will get 24/7 support and optional help with installation and setup.

Does that sound convincing? Then let’s go ahead and explore the collection of WordPress designs – one of them might be perfect for your website.

Clean News Page – Interesting News Portal WordPress Theme

This responsive design is very rich in content and information, as it is created for a news portal, but with lots of white and light photos it remains clean.


Details | Demo

Finest Olives – Food Store Responsive WordPress Template

This big-resolution design with attractive photos and a pleasant olive color scheme has an elegant look and will be great for the website of an olive store.


Details | Demo

Helping Hand – Kind Children Charity WordPress Theme

The big lightbox with charity-themed photos is the center of this mobile-ready design. It has a simple and modern look, and will be a good choice for a charity organization.


Details | Demo

Summer Lake – Happy Summer Camp WordPress Design

Combining lots of white with fresh cyan and lively photos, this mobile-friendly theme is easily associated with summer and time outdoors – just right for the website of a summer camp.


Details | Demo

IT Networks – Heavy Internet WordPress Theme

This clean responsive theme with simple lines is livened up with several color accents. Looking modern and professional, it’s a good option for an IT business.


Details | Demo

Pastel Look – Beautiful Apparel WordPress Template

Images play the prominent part in this mobile-compatible theme: with the pastel effect, they fit nicely in the light design. It’s a pretty theme for a fashion website.


Details | Demo

Smart & Simple – Car Repair Services WordPress Design

With its reserved colors and simple square elements, this mobile-ready theme is pretty simple and has a techy look. It will work well for the website of a car repair business.


Details | Demo

Original Insurance Design – Insurance Business WordPress Theme

This responsive theme looks both professional and original, with a pleasantly designed background, dusty red elements, and eye-catching images. It’s a fresh choice for the web page of an insurance firm.


Details | Demo

Classic & Trustworthy – Investment Strategies WordPress Template

This content-rich mobile-ready template combines a classic shade of blue with lots of white and black details. The result makes a trustworthy, professional impression – just right for an investment company.


Details | Demo

Interesting Agricultural – Agriculture Business WordPress Theme

This mobile-friendly theme combines various shades of gray and slick buttons with colorful images and cute cartoonish icons. It looks interesting and will be good for the website of an agricultural business.


Details | Demo

Friendly Tutors – Tutoring WordPress Design

This attractive responsive theme with nicely combined colors and smiling photos looks very pleasant and will be perfect for a tutoring website.


Details | Demo

Pure & Minimalistic – Minimal Marketing Agency WordPress Template

This responsive white theme looks especially pure with the minimalistic fonts, light photos, and a minimum of lines and borders. It’s a stylish choice for an innovative marketing business.


Details | Demo

Clean Portfolio – Flat Clean Photographer WordPress Theme

Sunny, softly colored images harmonize with white and light blue, making this responsive theme look clean and tasteful. It’s a great design for a photographer’s portfolio.


Details | Demo

Fresh IT Look – IT Responsive WordPress Theme

This mobile-ready design will make a great website for any IT business, with its fresh, clean combination of white and pleasant green.


Details | Demo

Cold & Pure – Internet Responsive WordPress Design

This design offers plenty of white, nicely combined with light photos and slick cyan elements. With its cold and pure look, this will be an original choice for an IT business.


Details | Demo

Cooking Blog – Clean Cooking WordPress Template

Combining white with light wood, and brightening it up with red details and colorful photos, this pretty and harmonious design is a great fit for a cooking blog.


Details | Demo

Deep Sea – Diving Responsive WordPress Theme

With deep shades of blue and attractive underwater photos, this big-resolution theme is the right fit for a diving club.


Details | Demo

Delicious Mexico – Flat Mexican Restaurant WordPress Design

Big delicious-looking images in the lightbox and bright red accents make this mobile-ready theme attention-grabbing. It will be a good choice for a Mexican restaurant.


Details | Demo

Pet Advice – Dog Responsive WordPress Template

This nice clean theme with photos of dogs and pleasant green accents is a good choice for a website on pet care.


Details | Demo

Asian Harmony – Peaceful Feng Shui WordPress Theme

This dark design with original backgrounds and an unusual lightbox is perfect for a website on Asian culture and feng shui.


Details | Demo

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