What to Know Before Starting CISSP Training

So you want to undergo CISSP training? That’s awesome!

However, be aware that this is a big step so don’t just “go for it,” but try to learn as much as you can about the training itself and then decide whether you really want to do it.

There are a lot of misconceptions about CISSP that will (hopefully) be cleared up by the end of this article, so make sure to read it carefully before making your move.

What to know before doing CISSP?

1. There isn’t a guaranteed passing rate

As unbelievable as it sounds, some people are led to believe that there somehow is a 90% passing rate for the CISSP course. Nothing could be further from the truth as not even the exam providers know what problems the trainees will be presented with in the test.

Furthermore, the course is quite difficult as it is designed as an objective measure of one’s expertise; so yes, you’ll have to be the real deal to pass it.

Another complication that prevents you from preparing for an “exact” set of questions is that not every trainee will have the same version of the test.

From all of this, we can conclude that there’s no such thing as a guaranteed passing rate and you should be wary of any provider who claims the opposite.

2. Don’t solely focus on the passing the exam

The material that you have to go through during training is extensive, and it might make your test preparation seem like an endless cycle of memorization and repetition.

This happens far too often so make sure to remind yourself of what CISSP actually is.

This is a training course that’s meant to measure your real-world professional skills, experience, and thinking ability.

Yes, it’s crucial to get a passing grade, and you’ll be prepared for that in the seminar too, but first try to immerse yourself into a genuine learning experience with some the leading experts in the field.

The real focus should be on expanding your knowledge to provide the best possible web protection to your company and clients.

3. Don’t buy vouchers from unauthorized places

In order to attend CISSP, you will have to get an exam voucher, and this can be offered to you only by the official (ISC)2 Training Providers.

Unfortunately, many unauthorized companies are claiming to be able to give you this, and certain people fall into their traps. If one chooses an unauthorized provider, the following scenario might ensue:

They ask you for your Pearson VUE credentials, and you give it to them. This is a violation of the (ISC)2 rules so now you will be at risk of being banned from taking the exam without getting a refund. The bottom line is – be careful and don’t get vouchers from dodgy people online.

4. You will have to renew the certification

Because technologies are changing rapidly, it is essential to be up to date with them, and that’s why a CISSP credential is only good for three years, after which you’ll have to retake the test.

Also, during those three years, you’ll have to meet certain requirements to keep the certification valid. If you fail to meet them your credential might get terminated, so be sure to follow all the rules.


To conclude, these would be the main things to keep in mind before going out for your CISSP training online. It might sound a bit overwhelming or even scary, but the fact of the matter is that a true professional who is confident in their abilities well shouldn’t worry at all.

The training will take some effort and time, but the benefits you’ll get from attaining it are over the top.

Duan Lingxin

Duan Lingxin

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