Best Web Designing Trends in 2013 To Adopt

According to the new designing game, any web designer should be ahead in the web design game. Internet world is changing too fast, and it is very useful for a web designer to remake their strategies to provide the food for the current internet requirements as well as cover future and emerging trends. Here I’m covering best web designing trends in 2013 to adopt.

Never Forget social Media Buttons

Nowadays, every website design must have social media share buttons such as Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc to fulfill the new web design trends. Getting social traffic to the website is must to get permanent website’s readers who are interested in the stuff you’re presenting to theme.

The QR Codes

Mobile platforms now hugely support QR codes, but it is not longer the interest for PC or laptop users. Any designer must care about this in modern web design trends.

Transparent Design

The use of CSS3 is must for transparent design in the latest web design trends. Now there is no need for complex and needless Photoshop design that has transparency, but to a certain different areas of the design gets improve by setting the required opacity or transparency.

Fixed Header Design

Most social networking websites are using fixed header design to render the content, and it has become the most used web design trends in 2013. Frozen header (Fixed header positioning via CSS) is both aesthetically very pleasing and functional.

Images are Huge!

Using big background images is among the new web design trends instead of using sticky flashy banner ads. Content has still its place in the game, no I must say straight and relevant content is important rather than just filling out the irrelevant content.

Minimalistic Approach

Those days gone when sites were crowded with the not-so-shabby to the entirely irrelevant content. Now the trend is to do less and minimalistic according to the needs.

Flash-less Design

Rigid flash design still in no matter HTML5, CSS and JavaScript have kill the flash. New designs with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript provides useful experience and flexibility especially for mobile users, and also having more SEO friendly effect. It might be possible in the coming years when we will also have mobile friendly version of flash.

Infinite Scrolling

Now time to get rid of traditional 1, 2, 3 and so on pagination. For small sites, getting rid of 1, 2, 3 pagination is not good in terms of SEO because you can lose page views. But bigger sites like Google images, Twitter and Facebook are using infinite scrolling. As you scroll down, content render without having click on any button.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Now everyone is accessing the internet via their mobile phones, leaving behind the traditional laptop or PC in terms of numbers. So if you want to tap out into the massive market, create mobile friendly designs that work on all major mobile platforms as well on desktop.

Duan Lingxin

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