Top Expert Tips for a Successful E-commerce Website

Running a successful e-commerce business requires strategy and dedication. It’s one thing to have a functional e-commerce website set up, but it’s another thing to have a successful, well-oiled machine that helps increase your bottom line.

In today’s world, e-commerce is a profitable way to boost your business and increase sales. Many people prefer online shopping to traditional brick and mortar stores because it’s convenient and easy. When you join the world of online shopping, you want to make sure you have a website that helps you handle anything. 

Here are some top expert tips for a successful e-commerce website that can help drive your business and keep your customers coming back in the long term. 

Focus on Experience 

If you really want to stand out and increase product sales, offer more than just a product. Today’s marketplace can be busy and competitive. 

Set yourself apart by offering your customers an amazing experience. According to business and marketing expert Fraser Larock, “products are 25% of what you sell. The rest is an intangible feeling tied to the product.” When people have a positive experience, they’ll be inclined to tell their friends about it and remember your brand the next time they need a product.

Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Responsive

In the United States, 60% of people browse the Internet regularly on mobile, and this includes making online purchases. You want to make sure that people can make purchases from their phone without running into difficulty. Customers will leave your website if they can’t easily navigate through it on their smartphone, or if there are issues with mobile checkout. 

Use Cart Abandonment Data 

Using your data properly can tell you a lot of details about your customers’ behavior and activity online. Many e-commerce retailers tend to overlook cart abandonment and the opportunities it can bring. For example, if someone leaves a product in their cart, you can remarket the product to them and trigger a reminder for them to come back and buy it. Additionally, 55% of people abandon products in their online shopping carts because of high taxes, shipping, or other fees. If you can, retarget that person with a discount coupon that might help change their mind.

Create a Loyalty or Rewards Program 

Just like many physical retail stores, many people choose to shop at online retailers that offer loyalty or rewards programs, where they can experience more value for the money they spend. You don’t have to offer a lot, but even adding a small discount to a repeat order is enough to build up customer loyalty and give them a reason to come back. This is something you can do to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Express Gratitude

It doesn’t cost you extra to add a “thank you for your order” message in a confirmation email, or to send a nice thank you message at another point of the customer’s journey. While it may not seem like a big deal, this is a nice touch that lets customers know you appreciate their business.

Integrate With Social Media 

Social media marketing is an important component for your online business, and integrating everything back to your website is essential. Use your social media channels to promote your products and have meaningful interactions with your customers and audience. For example, utilize the Instagram shopping feature and showcase your products in attractive, visually appealing settings. Talking to your customers lets you understand what they are experiencing and can give you valuable information for future products or marketing campaigns.

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