Top 50 Design Themes for an Ecommerce Website

Like most other things, shopping is often done online these days. When you open a brick-and-mortar store, you make sure it looks attractive and is convenient for the customers to shop in. The same works for an ecommerce store: if you want it to be successful, make sure it functions flawlessly, is easy to browse, and pleasant to look at.

This post will help you do that with as little time and money invested as possible. Starting an online store can be affordable if you use one of the popular open-source ecommerce platforms and a ready-made design for it from this top fifty collection.

What Ecommerce Platform to Choose?

Here are some of the major ecommerce platforms to choose from. All of them have some benefits, so you can pick the one that suits your needs better.


This is an open-source platform, one of the most powerful and functional ones. Magento allows building complex stores and doing great sales analytics.


OpenCart is another free platform that offers features like several currencies support and various payment options. It’s also very functional and is known to be user-friendly.


PrestaShop is the most multilingual ecommerce software, available in 56 languages and providing support for each of them.


VirtueMart lets you build an e-store with Joomla. Like the CMS itself, VirtueMart is open-source and has features like selling downloadable products or catalog mode.


Open-source, like the previous ecommerce platforms, OsCommerce offers rich functionality, including product reviews and bestseller lists.


Jigoshop is an ecommerce plugin for WordPress, allowing WordPress users add this functionality to their websites. Jigoshop is highly customizable and offers good reports.


ZenCart ecommerce software is free, user-friendly, and available in multiple languages and currencies.

In this post you’ll find fifty various design themes for each of these ecommerce platforms. Here’s what you will love about them:

Affordable and Fast to Install

You can launch your store with as little time as possible invested in it, and less than a hundred dollars spent on the design. All themes are ready for installation, so you can make your first sales in just a few days.

Flexible and Customizable

Each store has unique needs based on its products and customers. These ready-made themes are easily customizable, so you can make them a perfect fit for your store, removing everything you don’t need.


More and more people do their shopping on mobile devices, and if your e-store is not fit for them, you will be losing your share of mobile sales. Get one of the responsive themes and be sure your store is handy for mobile users as well.

Offered by the Biggest Provider

All themes are brought to you by the biggest design resource with a 10 years’ reputation on the market – You are sure to receive a quality product, as well as 24/7 customer support.

So, let’s take a look at this big selection of ecommerce designs. Which one have you been looking for?

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WpStore – A Multipurpose Responsive Woocommerce Theme

Fully SEO Optimized Incredible lightweight, fast loading, compact coding, ever greater flexibility & responsiveness, well-paced commending and many other features serve to make WP Store unusually SEO optimized.

Boxed and Wide Layout Here is a finely crafted and well-measured boxed version that supports self-defined background image. Just switch the boxed layout on, upload image or pattern and make it fixed or scrolling.

Screenshot 2015-07-02 21.00.06


Healthy Life – Nutrition Store Magento Theme

With a fresh combination of green and orange on a glossy gray background, this ecommerce theme will be great for a health supplements store.


Details | Demo

Healthy Diet – Drug Store Magento Template

This design template has a clean and pleasant look, combining lots of white with various shades of green. It’s a good choice for an online herbal store or supplements shop.


Details | Demo

Classy Shoes – Shoe Store Magento Theme

Simple and elegant, this design combines a neutral color scheme with attractive photos, creating a classy look – perfect for an ecommerce shoes store.


Details | Demo

Original & Glamorous – Lingerie Magento Design

This dark and glamorous theme looks very original with the visual and sound effects used in the lightbox. It’s a great option for an online lingerie store.


Details | Demo

Elegant Diamonds – Jewelry Magento Template

This clean template with a monochrome color scheme looks very elegant and will work well for a jewelry e-store.


Details | Demo

Tasteful Furniture – Furniture For Comfort Magento Theme

Tasteful photos of furniture look especially good on a pure white background. With its clean and pleasant look, this responsive design is great for a furniture e-store.


Details | Demo

Casual Style – Brand Clothes Magento Design

This simple and stylish mobile-ready theme with lots of white and subtle colors is a perfect match for an e-shop that sells casual clothes.


Details | Demo

Quality Beverages – Food & Drink Magento Theme

The black-and-white colors and simple fonts of this ecommerce design harmonize with the images of quality alcoholic beverages. This theme will work well for an online liquor store.


Details | Demo

Basic Lingerie – Lingerie Magento Template

This simple and clean design highlights the images of lingerie items nicely – a good choice for a lingerie ecommerce store.


Details | Demo

Cool T-Shirts – T-shirt Shop Magento Design

With big colorful elements and photos on a dark background, this design is attractive for a young buyer – just what an online T-shirts store needs.


Details | Demo

Sleek Car Theme – Car Spare Parts OpenCart Template

With its monochrome color scheme and glossy elements, this template has a sleek look that will be perfect for an online spare parts shop.


Details | Demo

Special Bouquets – Flower Bouquet OpenCart Theme

Using lots of green and lovely photos of flowers, this theme looks fresh and attractive. It’s perfect for a flower e-store.


Details | Demo

Gadgets Store – Electronic Appliances OpenCart Design

Using light gray and bright pink and purple accents, this design has a sleek and techy look – just what you would expect for an online gadgets store.


Details | Demo

Professional Tools – Tools & Equipment OpenCart Template

This simple and clean template uses the dusty red and gray shades, which are associated with tools and equipment, so it will be perfect for an e-store that offers them.


Details | Demo

Outdoor Furniture – Furniture OpenCart Theme

With an elegant color scheme and attractive photos on white, this template is a good choice for an outdoor furniture e-shop.


Details | Demo

Drugs & Supplements – Drug Store OpenCart Template

This clean theme has a sleek look thanks to lots of white and metallic elements. It will make a great website for a drugs and supplements store.


Details | Demo

Spring Beauty – Beauty Shop OpenCart Theme

The combination of a nicely designed background and pastel colors gives this theme a fresh spring look. It will work well for an online beauty store.


Details | Demo

Stylish Furniture – Furniture Store OpenCart Design

With its simple forms and straight lines, this theme looks modern and stylish – perfect for a furniture ecommerce store.


Details | Demo

Fresh Green – Drug Store OpenCart Template

The combination of bright green and lots of white makes this template look clean and fresh. It will be perfect for an online shop that offers drugs and herbs.


Details | Demo

Guns & Armor – Weapons Hitting The Target OpenCart Template

Metallic black and an original background make this design match the guns theme perfectly. It’s a good choice for an online weapons store.


Details | Demo

Fashion Store – Brand Clothes Responsive Store PrestaShop Theme

This design looks simple and uses subtle colors, putting the emphasis on the photos of fashion clothes. It’s a great choice for an online brand clothes shop.


Details | Demo

Hip Fashion – Alternative Clothes Responsive Store PrestaShop Theme

This simple black-and-white theme is livened up with attractive photos. It’s perfect for an alternative clothing ecommerce store.


Details | Demo

Se*y Fuchsia – Lingerie Sets Responsive Store PrestaShop Template

With bright fuchsia details and attractive photos, this sleek theme is great for an online lingerie store.


Details | Demo

Herbs & Medicine – Pharmacy PrestaShop Theme

Light gray and fresh green match nicely, giving this design a clean and pleasant look. It will work well for a pharmacy e-store.


Details | Demo

Best Wine – Eco Wine Shop PrestaShop Template

The deep purple with pleasant green match the beautiful photos, used in this design, and create the perfect look for a wine store.


Details | Demo

Glossy Computer Theme – Computers & Components PrestaShop Design

Using various shades of gray and sleek metallic elements, this theme has a glossy look, which is perfect for an online computers and components store.


Details | Demo

Minimalistic Furniture – Furniture Trends PrestaShop Theme

With its small fonts and a minimum of design elements, the theme looks stylish and minimalistic – just right for a modern furniture e-shop.


Details | Demo

Sleek Gray – Computers Online PrestaShop Theme

This theme has a sleek and techy look, with its gray shades and metallic elements. It will be the right choice for an ecommerce computer store.


Details | Demo

Tools & Equipment – Workplace Tools PrestaShop Template

Using reserved dark colors, this design is simple and modern. It will make a great online store that offers tools and equipment.


Details | Demo

Glossy Gadgets – Computer Plus PrestaShop Design

The metallic elements of this theme look great in combination with the photos of gadgets and electronics. This design will be a great choice for an online computer and gadgets store.


Details | Demo

Original Lingerie – Lingerie VirtueMart Template

The heart of this simple monochrome design is an original lightbox with attractive black-and-white photos. It’s a great option for a lingerie ecommerce store.


Details | Demo

Clean & Bright – Electronics Supermarket VirtueMart Theme

Traditionally for an electronics store theme, this design uses light gray and metallic elements, but they are refreshed by bright green accents.


Details | Demo

Light & Pure – Furniture Store VirtueMart Design

This design with a pretty and subtle background, lots of white, and a minimum of lines and borders, has a light and pure look. It’s a great choice for a minimalistic furniture e-store.


Details | Demo

Trendy Shoes – Shoe Store VirtueMart Template

The slick black background of this design highlights the photos perfectly. It’s a great theme for an online shoes store.


Details | Demo

Marine Equipment – Marine Store VirtueMart Theme

With the classic combination of deep blue and white, this design is easily associated with the sea, yachts, and sailing. It’s perfect for an e-store that sells clothes and equipment for yachtsmen.


Details | Demo

Military – Powerful Weapons OsCommerce Template

The brown color scheme harmonizes with the photos in this military-themed design. It’s the right fit for a guns and ammunition e-store.


Details | Demo

Techy Gray – Electronics Store OsCommerce Design

The techy metallic design is livened up with pink and purple accents that make it visually attractive. This will be a great design for an electronics ecommerce store.


Details | Demo

Elegant Fashion – The Biggest Choice Of Fashion Clothes OsCommerce Template

With its primarily black-and-white color scheme and simple lines, this design has an elegant look and will work well for a fashion e-store.


Details | Demo

Flat & Colorful – The Coolest T-Shirts OsCommerce Theme

This flat design with lots of bright colors looks perfect for an e-store that sells cool T-shirts for the young.


Details | Demo

Clean & Tasteful – Furniture Store OsCommerce Design

With plenty of white and nice green details, this theme has a clean and tasteful look and will work well for an online furniture store.


Details | Demo

Cool Cars – Car Tuning Jigoshop Theme

This clean theme with classic colors has a somewhat techy look – just right for an e-store that sells car tuning items.


Details | Demo

Warm & Clean – Healthy Life Jigoshop Template

Light colors and subtle lines make this design look clean, and the pleasant shade of orange adds warmth to it. It’s a nice choice for an online pharmacy store.


Details | Demo

Universal Clothes – Clothes For All Seasons Jigoshop Theme

This clean design with dusty orange details is pretty universal and will make a great online fashion store.


Details | Demo

Dark & Slick – Reliable Spares Jigoshop Design

Using dark colors and metallic elements in combination with gorgeous photos of cars, this theme looks slick and will work well for an online car spares shop.


Details | Demo

Healthcare Store – Medical Equipment Jigoshop Theme

This clean theme is good for a medical care related store, looking clean and sleek with its white background and orange details.


Details | Demo

Cozy Backyard – Garden Furniture ZenCart Template

Lovely photos of green backyards with garden furniture fit nicely in this white-and-green design. It’s a must-have theme for an e-store that sells garden furniture.


Details | Demo

Creative Gifts – Gifts Store ZenCart Theme

This theme looks lovely and very creative, with its bright colors and the unusual design of the menu. It will be perfect for a gifts ecommerce store.


Details | Demo

Quality Spares – Spare Parts ZenCart Template

With a reserved monochrome color scheme, this template looks simple and techy – just right for an e-shop that sells quality car spare parts.


Details | Demo

Hi-Tech – Computer Store ZenCart Design

Combining white with several light shades of gray, this theme is elegant and techy. It will work well for a computer e-store.


Details | Demo

Bikers’ Store – Motorcycle Parts ZenCart Theme

The bright red accents on a monochrome color scheme brighten up this template and make it a good choice for a motorcycle accessories store.


Details | Demo

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