Top 20 New Flat Design Templates for Your Website

Does your website follow the latest web design trends, or can you trace its look back to the early 2000s, when you first launched it? Don’t neglect the importance of an up-to-date look: these days the sure way to stay in trend is redesigning your website in the popular “flat” style.

Flat design, free from complicated textures, gradients, volume, and shadows looks quite different from what you are used to. And this difference is for the better: experts say that removing all the complex elements that used to be popular in design lets the viewer focus on the content rather than being distracted with the gradients or textures. So by embracing this new trend, you can also increase the readability of the content on your page, as well as stay up to date.

You might already be calculating how much a revamp like that can cost you. The good news is that redesigning your website in the popular flat style doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. Just get one of the flat design themes we have collected in this post and enjoy a trendy website in no time and at a very affordable price.

What Websites Are These Themes For?

CMS-Based Sites

Many of the themes in this collection are created for WordPress and Joomla, so they will work well for a blog or a web page based on these platforms.

E-commerce Stores

The collection also features flat design templates for the popular e-commerce software like PrestaShop, Jigoshop, and Zencart. You can revamp your store and increase its popularity with a ready-made theme.

Other Websites

There are also universal design templates, that will work for your website, even if it doesn’t fit in any of the categories above.

What Will You Get with a Pre-designed Flat Theme?

A Hot Look in No Time

All themes are ready for installation, so your revamped website can go live virtually overnight, and your expenses won’t be more than a few hundred dollars.

A Mobile-Ready Website

Whether you own a blog or an e-store, you want it to be accessible for users of any device, including smartphones and tablets. Most of these themes are mobile-friendly, so they will look good and work well on mobile devices.

An Easy to Use and Customizable Theme

The design themes have a user-friendly backend, so it’s fairly easy to manage your template. They are also easily customizable, which means you can get a unique look even with a ready-made design.

Free Stock Photos

When you buy a template, you also receive all the stock photos it uses for free, and get a license to use them on your own website.

Support from the Biggest Provider

These flat design templates are offered by the biggest design resource on the web, TemplateMonster. You will receive 24/7 support from the provider, as well as expert help installing and customizing your theme.

So, let’s look through these new flat designs and pick one to revamp your website!

Pastel Photography – Photographer Portfolio Responsive Website Template

This elegant design uses pastel shades and softly colored photos. It looks both trendy and subtle, and will make a perfect portfolio for a photographer.

Photographer Portfolio Responsive Website Template

Details |Demo

New Politics – Political Candidate Responsive Website Theme

With a slight allusion to the colors of the American flag, this flat big-resolution design looks exceptionally clean. It’s a great design for the website of a young and ambitious political candidate.

Political Candidate Responsive Website Template

Details |Demo

Reserved Blue – Hosting Mobile-Compatible Website Template

Combining a nicely designed but subtle background with several reserved shades of blue, this theme has a professional look. It will be perfect for the website of a technology-related business, like a hosting company.

Hosting Responsive Website Template

Details |Demo

Simple & Modern – Personal Page Website Theme

This original design template with flat icons and a reserved color scheme looks pretty simple but modern, and the unusual sliding effect makes it a fast to use one-page website. It’s a great option for a personal page of an actor or a musician.

Personal Page Website Template

Details |Demo

XXI Century Education – Flat University Mobile-Friendly WordPress Design

Big-resolution, with flat elements and several vivid color accents, this theme looks attractive and will be great for the website of a university.

Flat University WordPress Theme

Details |Demo

E-commerce for Farmers – Poultry Farm Responsive PrestaShop Theme

This clean and sleek design has a monochrome color scheme, livened up with bright yellow details, which are somewhat associated with poultry. It will work well for an e-store that offers equipment for poultry farms.

Poultry Farm Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Details |Demo

Cool T-shirts – T-shirt Shop Mobile-Friendly Jigoshop Template

With an attention-grabbing combination of coral and black, this e-commerce design is very attractive, and the white background keeps it clean and easy to view. It’s a great theme for an e-commerce T-shirts store.

T-shirt Shop Responsive Jigoshop Theme

Details |Demo

Stylish Home – Interior Design Mobile-Ready WordPress Theme

The pleasant shade of pink gives this design a nice and stylish look, finalized by the flat icons and photos. It’s a great theme for an interior design website.

Interior Design Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |Demo

Staying Fit – Sport And Fitness Store Responsive PrestaShop Template

Classic colors and a clean white background make this theme great for displaying the products, and the lively photos make it more attractive visually. It will be a good choice for a fitness equipment e-store.

Sport And Fitness Store PrestaShop Theme

Details |Demo

Clean & Flat – Financial Advisor Responsive Website Design

With plenty of white and light shades, big flat elements, and a tasteful shade of green, this design looks modern and harmonious. It will work well for a financial advisor’s website.

Financial Advisor Responsive Website Template

Details |Demo

State-of-the-Art Candles – Gifts Store ZenCart Template

Small fonts and lots of white make this design clean and spacious, while colorful photos and the bright header give it a shape. It’s a tasteful choice for an e-commerce website that sells candles and gifts.

Gifts Store ZenCart Template

Details |Demo

Minimalistic & Functional – Furniture Flash CMS Theme

This minimalistic big-resolution theme has original visual and sound effects that make it really impressive. It is perfect for a website on furniture.

Furniture Flash CMS Template

Details |Demo

Smart Consulting – Consulting Responsive Joomla Template

This big flat theme with an unusual grid and elegant color shades will be the right choice for a modern consulting business website.

Consulting Responsive Joomla Template

Details |Demo

Clear Water – Water Mobile-Ready WordPress Theme

Bright turquoise details on a white background are easily associated with pure water, which makes this theme perfect for water filters business.

Water Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |Demo

IT Network – Communications Responsive WordPress Design

With its slick gray and elegant blue, this design has a techy and professional look – perfect for an IT communications business.

Communications Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |Demo

Fishermen Club – Fishing Responsive WordPress Template

This big-resolution design with a pleasant color scheme of rich brown and green will be just right for the website of a fishing club or a fishing blog.

Fishing Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |Demo

Eco-Friendly Technologies – Alternative Power Mobile-Compatible WordPress Theme

Natural colors, wood-imitating elements, and colorful photos make this design pleasant to look at and associated with ecology. It’s a good choice for a website on eco-friendly technologies and alternative energy.

Alternative Power Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |Demo

Gym Enthusiasts – Fitness Mobile-Ready WordPress Theme

This big and light design with a nice background looks dynamic and clean – perfect for the website of a fitness club.

Fitness Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |Demo

Modern Bank – Bank Responsive WordPress Template

With flat rectangular elements and a combination of slick gray and orange, this design has a business-like, professional look. It’s the right fit for the website of a new bank.

Bank Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |Demo

Megapolis Architecture – Construction Company Mobile-Friendly WordPress Theme

With its several shades of gray and impressive photos of modern architecture, the theme will work well for the website of an architecture and construction business.

Construction Company Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |Demo

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