Tips to create your own free Website with These Web Design Tools

You don’t need to be a web design expert to create a personal website. You can develop a personal website easily and fast using professional web design tools. Back in the days, one had to write hundreds of difficult lines of code to create even the most basic templates. Nowadays, things are much easier and faster thanks to the advanced web creation tools available in the market. If you are thinking of starting a full-fledged website, here are 10 web design services to help you create website templates or full-fledged websites.

This is the best free and open-source software for building any kind of website easily. It’s a powerful Content Management System powering over 30% of websites globally. To make it even better WordPress has several built-in themes to speed things up. You can install WordPress and edit it as you wish to suit your business needs. Each theme has a basic structure that is easily changed. You can change several elements like colors, background, and images. Installing WordPress is easy and all you need is a domain name and web hosting. WordPress costs $14.99 annually or $7.99 per month. If you are starting this could be expensive.

  • Marvel

Marvel is the best tool for bringing your digital work to life. This service gives you the best tools for designing, but its coding is not up to the task and you will have to outsource. However, Marvel helps you in this by providing a ‘code-free’ prototyping tool. Your sketches and designs will be transformed into prototypes. These prototypes will look, feels and functions like actual websites. One set back about Marvel is that it relies so much on on Dropbox where users have to connect to their Dropbox account to use it. The software will then collect all the required files to make a website.

  • WebFlow

This is a responsive and easy to use, web design tool with an intuitive interface for designers, creative professionals, and beginners to create stylish websites. Besides being a web design tool, it’s also a CMS and a web hosting platform. This means it has everything needed to build and run websites. If you are a beginner with no coding skills, this is the best tool for you. With WebFlow, you can create and update your website without touching any code.

  • Macaw 

This awesome web builder is created to cater to the needs of those who don’t have coding skills and still want to design their websites. Compared to Muse, which is also for none coders, Macaw is by far the simplest tool to use and has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It provides a video tutorial on how to use it and it also allows you to create responsive and beautifully designed web templates in less than 1 hour. You can view every designing process in real-time.

  1. Adobe Muse 

This nifty tool works the same way as Photoshop and is designed for front-end developers, graphic designers rather than web designers/developers. It is also great software for those wanting to create stunning websites but is not gifted in web designing. Muse helps you to design and create your website at the same time without coding skills. Compared to other drag and drop website builders like Wix or Weebly, Muse is perfect if you are creative in your graphic design but lack the programming skills actualize the designs to life. If you have used Adobe Photoshop, using Muse is a walk in the park. It is available on Adobe Creative Cloud for a $19.99 per month subscription or you can purchase all the apps for $49.99 per month.

  1. Constant Contact Builder

This website builder offers a powerful drag-and-drop feature that helps you create a website easily. Newbies can build websites from the ground up without technical difficulties. The builder allows you to sync it with your Facebook page. This allows it to pull in contact info, images, and text from Facebook and populate your business website. Afterward, you can build an eCommerce store where you can promote your products with its marketing software. You can both digital and physical products. The free account of Constant Contact has basic features that you can start with then upgrade to premium plans afterward when your business grows.

  1. SiteBuilder

If you are looking for a website builder with hundreds of ready-made templates for building websites fast, SiteBuilder will offer you that. This drag-and-drop builder allows users to customize web templates or design your layouts from scratch. If you choose this builder you will get a free domain name and web hosting to get started. There are also numerous customization options to create a website according to your personal needs. Whether it’s a blog of an e-commerce website, SiteBuilder will help start easily. There are also other web design tools to help you add images, content, and other media files to your web template.

  1. Gator Builder

This is another great website design and development solution by HostGator. It comes loaded with dozens of web templates for any niche. The templates are fully dynamic and beautifully made to work with third party services. Using the drag-and-drop element interface, you can easily add images, videos, and Google Maps, with a few clicks. HostGator is known for providing the best hosting services and building a website with this software will see you get a hosting option with every plan. The builder integrates well with social channels to display feeds from your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

  1. Divi

Divi is a WordPress theme as well as web design software. It also has a drag-and-drop builder for creating custom web templates easily. With hundreds of pre-built templates, you can easily create any kind of website including restaurants, cafes, medical, fitness and more. There is an advanced visual editor for customization of templates with effects, shape dividers, and transformations. It also has a point and clicks tool for adding text anywhere on your Web template. Since it’s modern software, you can edit, undo, redo, and revise your customizations. To simplify the web building process, Divi Builder has dozens of global elements, content blocks, and style options.

  1. Weebly

Weebly stands above the rest when it comes to building websites. Its popularity comes from creating web designs for general websites and online eCommerce stores it has gained the trust of many webmasters with its drag and drop interface that makes it easy to create websites easily and quickly. It’s a hosted service and the drag-and-drop feature further simplifies the development process by building sites without a single string of code. The free version will give you everything you need to create a simple website, but you can always upgrade to paid plans if you feel like adding more features.

  1. Adobe Photoshop

This is a premium web designing tool with tons of options to create awesome websites. You can easily edit your templates, work with images, and create graphics for your web design. Templates can be beautified using the infinite color and gradient options. Bring your imagination to life with a blank canvas while attaching images, moving elements and drawing boxes using its editing tools. You can also crop the edges and edit your template the way you like. There are also layers to make your graphic designing work simple. This is a professional tool that requires training before using it.

  1. Adobe Dreamweaver

With Adobe Dreamweaver web designing software, you can create your design with a live preview. It also has a screen for writing code and designs your web template. It also has a drag-and-drop section. Both features can work together, where you can write code and preview it live on Dreamweaver. Or, you can design your templates with the drag-and-drop feature and later go back to adjustments using the coding screen.

  1. GIMP

GIMP is another great free Software similar to Adobe Photoshop that works with images to create web pages and template designs. It is not as advanced as Photoshop but is well capable of building great and beautiful web templates its tools. All sorts of devices can use this software and users can use high-resolution images for artwork, mockups, and web design creation.

  1. Sketch

This is a tool designed for mac devices focused on creating web templates and designs. The software works with vector images and you can expect highest-resolution results. Sketch has a very simple toolbar and options but gives you full flexibility to create awesome web designing projects. You can test your web designs on multiple devices using the mirroring feature. This is to help you establish whether the designs are responsive.


I trust that this article has provided you with great information on web design software to simplify your website creation. Although most of them are free, you can always upgrade to paid plans if you feel that the features are limited. The paid versions offer different advanced options for creating awesome website designs.

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